Saturday, February 15, 2014

Grey, Grey Saturday

 Goodnight, Moon.  Isn't our moon absolutely PERFECT?  I am so thankful that we only have one moon, aren't you?
 This morning I am waiting for the sun to shine.  NOT YET.  
 Poor little gnome!  He's on the lookout for signs of spring.
 This is what I mean by icebergs. 
 Sticky trees with a grey-sky backdrop . . . 

 Bare ground, waiting for staging of a sweet Peter Rabbit garden this year.  Yes, carrots, radishes, peppers . . . 

 Before Bill had his hip replaced, he decided to leave the garden hose outside (instead of in the garage) which is very unlike him.  His new hip is working so fine!  I'm so grateful.
 Here's a fuzzy little tea party waiting for you.  Sparkly!
Here are our two oldest grands.  They are having a quick bowl of cereal at our house before they leave to paint pottery, have lunch, and enjoy a pedicure.  Birdie chose this instead of a birthday party.  Cousin time.  They adore one another.  I think it's funny that they are going for pedicures because when they arrived this morning, they both had serious bed head hair styles.  Granny got out the brush.
Here's wishing for a little sunshine today.  


TexWisGirl said...

i like your green chairs on your deck. may you get some sun to enjoy.

Lynn said...

I think it is so lovely that Birdie chose cousin time over a party. You have fostered family fun well and proper - well done Pom Pom!

Bonnie said...

What girl doesn't love a pedicure. I bet they got some bright cheerful polish!

Farm Girl said...

I think it sounds like a very nice day. How cute about the pedicure and the hair. I bet you loved the brushing part.
I think that your sky looks like our sky right now and so do the trees. :)
I hope you have had a very nice Saturday.

Lisa Richards said...

Hope you got some sunshine! It was kind of grey here, too.
I'm not surprised at the hose being left out, but the GNOME?!?
Cousins are a wonderful thing. Glad they had a fun day.
Green grass is a good sign!
Enjoy the rest of your weekend. :)

M.K. said...

That is one of the MOST wonderful, precious cousin stories I've ever heard. I know you must LOVE how they love each other ... and that they live close enough to spend time together. So rare these days.

Kit said...

Your snow is looking like ours. We actually had some rain again today. I think I prefer the snow...LOL Have a great week! Kit

wayside wanderer said...

Those girls are so cute and it is a treasure that they love each other so.

Deb said...

Your grand daughters are adorable. Hope you get some sunshine this week.
Have a good one.

Nana Go-Go said...

My oh my, your header is a riot of colour and I love those tiny feet!Gorgeous Grandaughters,I'm missing mine terribly since she started school but get to talk to her on the phone a lot - and she'll have a new brother or sister come July!Exciting.x

The dB family said...

I just spent some time catching up again. It is another snow day here. I am impressed that you can see lawn! I haven't seen our lawn since before Christmas.

Murray brought me lovely orange roses for Valentine's They are sitting on my mantel and I am enjoying them very much.

Hope you have time for some chocolate and coziness today.


libbyquilter said...

i hope the sun has come out for you by now Pom Pom.
your garden does look like it's in waiting for some green sprouts to begin working their magical way through the soil . . . and the bunnies will come and nibble a bit for themselves . . . but still leave lots for you and yours.

happy to read of Bill's successful hip replacement. it's quite the miracle isn't it~!?


GretchenJoanna said...

It must be wonderful to grow up close to a cousin - I didn't, but I am just thankful that I am getting to know *one* cousin now.
And I'm trying to facilitate my grandgirl cousins getting together - but they live 3000 miles apart!

Heather L. said...

I like your choice of "grey" instead of "gray" -- I feel that "grey" communicates so much more emotion -- doesn't that sound so silly?!!! But it does to me anyway -- I don't really use British spellings but I always choose "grey" for my diary when I'm describing a "grey day".