Thursday, September 6, 2012

Eggs and Letters

 One of my friends at school keeps hens.  She delivered a sweet gift to me this morning.  Easter eggs!  Aren't they pretty?
 I ordered yet another copy of The Jolly Postman.  I am still moving my books from here to there and I quite wonder why I buy ANY more books, but this little story is a keeper with a capital K.

 Look at the dear little square cottage!  Isn't the tree amazing?  Doesn't the little gold chair remind you of Van Gogh?
 Hoot!  Hoot!  I like this little owl.
 Do you see the toadstool?  Deadly lampshades, indeed!
 Look at the cat washing dishes!  

 Do you LOVE Cinderella's apron?  How about the sassy red stripes that trim her hem?

 I like the postman's gold shirt and his purple print tie.  Do you like that PERFECT bed in the background? I do!
 Here, have a buck from the Bank of Wonderland.  Buy yourself a cup of tea.
If you are handy with wood, why don't you make a "home" sign and nail it to a tree in your neighborhood?  Wouldn't that make everyone smile?
I have had a busy week at school and I have been occupied with a few extra things after school.  Eventually I will complete my fixing and fussing in my new room upstairs.  I have been ironing up there and I think standing by the window speeds up my pressing.  The room has a wood floor and cabin-y wallpaper.  It even has bears on the walls.  It's perfect for a person who wants to live in a cabin.  That's me.

Are you enjoying your September?  I hope you are.  I have decided that mothers are the stars of September.  Mothers pack lunches, buy school supplies, begin their holiday planning, and cheer for their children.  If you are a mother, I really think you should buy yourself a cupcake or a fine pair of knee-high socks.  
Another thing you really should do on a regular basis is to make a list of all the things your mother did for you.  You know, some people still need a little mothering.  Be on the lookout.  You could spread a little sparkle.
Sometimes mothers think to themselves, "I don't want to be like the typical mother.  I'd like to do it a little differently."  My reply to this thinking is this: "Why?"  I gladly associate myself with the mothers who wipe noses, dry tears, read the same storybook over and over again, wear frumpy blue jeans, and worry over their school children.  Remember the movie "The Bucket List"?  When Jack Nicholson's character says, "I'm not everybody" Morgan Freeman's character says, "Everybody's everybody".  I like that.
I have a letter I've been meaning to write, or maybe I have a few more than that.  I hope the Jolly Postman will deliver them for me.
Happy days, friends!


ann said...

I love the Jolly Postman. the art work is so appealing. I will have to remember you comments on mothering for my daughters who are packing the school lunches and sending little ones off to school.

libbyquilter said...

what a very nice way for me to end my internet time this evening.

you are just so lovingly encouraging and i send you a BIG hug.

that is a very good idea: a list of everything my mother did right. so many times we think to blame our character flaws or issues on our mothers/parents but this is a much better perspective from which to view all that was done and given.
wouldn't this list make a sweet addition to a mother's day card? i may have to do that~!!


Elizabethd said...

You could never tire of reading the Jolly Postman, could you? One of my favourites.

Fat Dormouse said...

The Jolly Postman used to go down very well with my younger classes (and the not-so-young ones too!) I love the way you find lovely details to look at - maybe I could train our cats to wash the dishes!

And while I've never been a Mum, I think you are right to remind us that we could all mother somebody...

Anonymous said...

Good morning Pompom,I love the Jolly postman series and the children loved them too when they were little,opening the letters,playing the little games :) The Christmas one is lovely too.:)Have a lovely weekend relaxing I hope,love JulieXxxxx

Catherine said...

Oh Pom..what a fabulous book. I love it to bits. Being kindly is a little like mothering isn't it. My lovely friend Ruth took me walking amongst daffodils, made me pumpkin soup (it was a little lumpy but made with best intentions) & gave me a back massage last week..wasn't that just the kindest of kind things to do. I wish that I could make mother lists...there just aren't enough nice memories. I love the picture I saw once of kids in a tree house & the little girl was explaining the club rules.."nobody act too big, nobody act too small, everybody just act medium" Love to you dear one GK x0x0x0

Betty said...

What lovely books you are reading. My mother was non conventional so a list would be tricky but I do remember she bought me velvet hair ribbons and leave them on my pillow to find on waking and she sang 'scarlet ribbons for her hair' when I was small. I like the leaflet you have there of gloomy toadstools and brooms for big people - I think I would like to shop there. Your cabin room sounds cosy, I think you need a basket of goodies for an impromptu picnic on the floor. Betty x

M.K. said...

What a treasure you have, in our egg-giving friend! They're beautiful. LOVE the colors :) I know white eggs come from white hens, and brown eggs from brown hens. But what about the green ones? Never seen a green hen!! That postman book is adorable -- what a superb idea! I've never seen it before. I may need to keep my eyes open for a copy, to add to my children's bookshelves for reading to my grandbabies someday.
I agree so much about being willing to be a "normal" mom. I wish young moms did not think of themselves and their own desired identity, but about their children! For the child, there's only one chance to craft a childhood. Nobody wants a bizarre, uncomfortable childhood. Every child wants at least some aspects of "normal" -- mom at home, food being made, good smells, hugs, read alouds, etc. Maybe not all the time, but surely a good chunk of the time, if it's possible. Okay, soap box stashed away!

Anonymous said...

Every time I come here, I gain more wisdom from you, my dear Pom Pom. I think God uses you to reach the hearts of lots of people all over the world, and to teach them to love each other better.

I'm going to go and write a list about my Mum's goodness to me right now.

Love you! xxxx

Janette@Janette's Sage said...

What a precious book...well this mother is tired after the first two weeks, we still haven't fallen into a schedule yet and everyone slept in this morning.
We did find a wonderful pond with lily pads yesterday and we stopped to enjoy, it even had a duck family, and we drew...God is faithful to tired mothers!

Blessings to teachers who come to class prepared and ready to receive their students

Farm Girl said...

How nice, I am so glad you found someone to bring you fresh eggs.
I love all of the pictures from you lovely books, your new room sounds so nice. I would like that too, since I have been dreaming of my cabin again.
I like what you said about mothers. It is true, we need to hear that and take our jobs to our heart. My oldest son stopped by this week, and as we sat and he shared his sweet heart, I was so blessed I was just sitting there listening to him and I thought much better than money and I have such a gift.
(I had been praying about going back to work, you see.)
My son has 4 little boys and a wife and a job that keeps him working hours and hours of overtime and that he stopped by to just talk was so sweet.
So even though they are all grown up mostly, being a mother is still important, maybe more so than when they were tiny.
I always love your thoughts Pom Pom.
Have a wonderful weekend.

Kit said...

This post was lovely! I am tucked into bed and it is perfect before I go to sleep. And I sure wish my cat would wash my dishes...LOL Have a great weekend. Kit

Lisa Richards said...

I don't think my comment "took" the first time. I wasn't signed in!
Anyway, I was saying how much I like your crisp, black gingham background. It looks like you just ironed it!
I read this wonderful book to my kiddos when they were young and they thought it was so magical to find all of the hidden goodies in it and to read other people's mail! I'm not sure if all of the goodies were still in it. After all, it was a library book. But still it was wonderful. I'll have to find a copy to read to Audrey and Hazel!
Hope you're enjoying your September! My nursing classes are taking off slowly. I'm glad of that! :D

Gumbo Lily said...

I'm still cheering on my kids, even though they are grown-up adults. I intend to always be their biggest fan.

I'm glad your new workshop is taking shape. The Jolly Postman looks like a lovely book.


Flowers in the Window said...

This is one of my favourite children's books. My boys had it when they were little and I used to love reading it to them. Those little extras inside are so magical. I've kept their copy - it's so precious. Maggie xx

Nancy McCarroll - Arts, Crafts and Favorites said...

Sweet, sweet Pom Pom. Did you know I put your blog on my IPad desktop? Now you know. It makes me happy to see a new post from you, like the Jolly Postman has arrived with a new card from you.

magsmcc said...

I'm going to do that home sign thing- on a tree in the garden I think. One at the side that people walk past. Tou are always so right about all things. Oh this post. These mothers. These days!

Left-Handed Housewife said...

I can't believe I've never read (or seen) The Jolly Postman! It looks exactly like my kind of book. I may have to go buy five copies and start spreading them around.

Everybody is everybody. So true!


Thistle Cove Farm said...

Pom, thank you for introducing me to this lovely little book; it's delightful! I've always enjoyed the Sabine books; love a book that has letters...why is that?
The Aracauna eggs have such soft, pretty colors, bet the yellows are bright yellow!
I may very well make a HOME sign; my neighbors already think I'm the crazy old woman who lets sheep graze in her yard...might as well encourage them -grin-.

Happy@Home said...

I have a large collection of children's books, but The Jolly Postman isn't part of it. It looks charming. I see I now have something else to search for while I'm out thrifting :).
Three cheers for all the moms out there. Moms really do make the world a better place.

GretchenJoanna said...

I also have not seen The Jolly Postman - but you know what my first thought was? Maybe if more kids read this series they will learn the value and fun of writing real letters, and maybe a few of those kids will write letters back to ME! I'm getting some copies pronto.

Melanie said...

Childrens literature is the sweetest thing on earth. We create so much adventure and creativity in our children when their minds are open to imagination and wonder. Enchanting tales such as these make me smile. I have seen this book before and it is fabulous ! You must be such a fantastic teacher Miss Pom Pom xo