Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Red Leaves

Welcome! I had to pull over to the side of the road on my way home from the grocery store the other day. LOOK at this tree! It is the lovely, rosy shade of autumn, isn't it? We haven't had any snow so our trees here in Colorado are stunning.

We had dinner with friends the other night and I made friends with this cute pooch. Isn't he sweet? He has the cutest teddy bear nose and the softest fur.

I have so many books to talk about but I'll wait until I have fun photos of them. Meanwhile, I am waiting for The Betsy-Tacy Treasury by Maud Hart-Lovelace to come in the mail! Have you read the Betsy books? They are full of love and happiness.

I chose this pretty book from my elementary school library MANY years ago. The cover sold me. I still read these books because the sweet world that Hart Lovelace creates is a gentle waltz into the past.
We're having the book fair at school and yesterday we had to dress as super heroes. I bought a cape, mask, and headband from the clearance aisle ($1.65) and went to school as Bat Grandma. The book fair is delightful, all those brand new books for hungry readers! Don't you want books for Christmas? I like shopping for my own! Smile.
November is a warm and cozy evening sort of month, isn't it? Spice and apples and pumpkin pie. Yum.
I think I shall bake a few cookies for breakfast. I bought refrigerator "break and bakes" and there is absolutely no reason not to have a few warm cookies before I dash off to school.
Have a wonderful day today, full of November moments.
Oh, and smile a lot. You have that one-of-a-kind grin.


The dB family said...

I had chocolate zucchini cake for breakfast. Yum!

Super Grandma sounds perfect! I LOVE book fairs! Just the smell of new books gets me excited!

Those leaves are BEAUTIFUL! Trees clothed in colour are the flowers of fall aren't they?!

Wishing you a day filled with sunshine and warmth of spices and coziness!

Blessings, my friend!

Green thumb said...

PomPom! You're so funny! Sorry but I'm still laughing at Bat Gradma, ha ha :D
I'll be back tomorrow for some cookies then ;-)

Elizabethd said...

What a very beautiful tree. I wonder what family it is.

Jessica said...

Oh Pom you are FUN! I just love the way your mind works! Uniquely special ;) I love teddy bear noses on pups, glorious fall trees, & November too! Thanks for another new book reference! Sounds good.
Have a great day Pom! Cookies for breakfast, sounds like it's already off to a good start ;)
XX Jess

wayside wanderer said...

No picture of Bat Grandma? Pom Pom! :-)

What a beautiful tree. I think I would be swerving all around trying for a good look at such beauty.

My oldest daughter especially loved Betsy-Tacy. I sure miss having young readers around the house and I really enjoy all the books you mention. You are a very young-at-heart grandma!

Firefly said...

Gorgeous trees!
Loving November here too. We've even had a couple of fires in the fireplace - yay!
And speaking of pumpkiny things, I'm wanting to try Susan Branch's recipe for Pumpkin Latte. Have you ever had one? I haven't, but can't wait to see how it turns out ;).
And I'm with Miss Wayside W., where are the Bat Granny pics?!

Brad M said...

Beautiful autumn pics, wonderful books and fresh cookies. It's a good day!

Love you tons!

Gumbo Lily said...

Love the Betsy-Tacy books. My daughter read and re-read them many times. I like the cover of your book very much.

I also like to give (and receive) books for Christmas. I need to get my Amazon order done to ship in time for Christmas!

Cookies for breakfast sound good! Is it the breakfast of champions, BatGram?


Gumbo Lily said...

Forgot to say, I have never seen a tree THAT red and full of leaves before. I would have pulled over to snap a picture too.

Jody (who has snow)

magsmcc said...

Oh Pom, I was out with a friend today explaining why November is my favourite individual month. It's the quietness of it. The colours here are becoming bleak, but you have enough startling remnants of Autumn to warm the branches and low grey skies. I love it. There's an expectation of all the joyous colour and warmth of Christmas, but a stripped purity that is happy to be the waiting time. Quietly, happily, beautifully still. Mmmm! Swap you photos of Bat Grandma for stripey carpet! I was Spidermum over Hallowe'en- witch's dress with spidersweb sleeves also bought that morning for fantastically reduced price! Oh keep posting- you warm me up!

debbie bailey said...

What a gorgeous tree! We saw some like that in Williamsburg last week. I hope you're going to post a pic of you as Bat Grandma. Great stuff!

melanie said...

Wow, that tree looks like it is on fire! What stunning red leaves, absolutely beautiful :)

Floss said...

I love the colour of that tree: I wish my memory was photographic at this time of year, so that I could hold all the colours I see.

Book Fair - wonderful! Because our boys mostly read in English, we buy from Amazon and on our trips back to the UK, but I do love to visit our local bookshop too. It's called 'Once Upon a Time' (in French, obviously!)

Bumpkin Bears said...

awww that dog is totally gorgeous and that tree is amazing! Thanks for your kind words on my Blog, hugs, Catherine x

Anonymous said...

Hahaha, Bat Grandma....classic!!

Beautiful tree piccie...wow!

My kitchen smells of cinnamony spiceyness right now! Yay!

Hugs, xxxxxxxxxx

Left-Handed Housewife said...

Love that tree!

I have always wanted to read the Betsy-Tacy books. I suspect I will not be able to sell my boys on them, but maybe it's time I picked up a few for myself.

I am in love with Celestial Seasons pumpkin spice tea. Have I mentioned that yet?


scrappy quilter said...

Hi friend, back again. It's so good to stop by and visit you. I love the picture of the trees. Beautiful! We woke up to snow this morning and winds. It's looking a whole lot of Christmas outside. Hugs

SusanB-knits said...

Beautiful red leaves! We are still getting roses on our bush. But there will be a freeze tonight so I'm sure they won't be blooming for long.
I love getting books. I always ask for books for Christmas.