Friday, November 19, 2010

A Daisy and a Cake

I'm a bit tired and behind. The term at school is coming to an end, we have two birthdays this weekend, I've had a lot of meetings and events at school, and our house needs someone like Snow White to come along and clean and sparkle. Tonight we're going up to see a dancing granddaughter. Yay! But, a long day ahead starting with a meeting and moving to final exams makes me feel droopy. I shall buy a potted flower to place on the window sill at school, for T. She's a student who is rough and loud and often challenging. I hope the glow of something growing right beside her seat, just for her, will give her a glimpse of good things. Our school performed THE HOBBIT last night and one of my students played Gandalf. He was fantastic! Today I say good bye to my reading and writing support students. I get new students in that class on Monday. We're having pizza. I'll say to them, "Bye bye! Keep reading! Keep writing! Figure out how to learn all you can, while you can!"

I like kids. Don't you?

I love cake and I know you do, too. I may buy myself a slice when I stop at the store before school.

The flowers here are gone now, so I'll be looking at my photo library on a regular basis. Do you buy fresh flowers? I don't. I'm thinking about changing my ways and festooning my school room and our house with more regular blooms. I need more candle light, too.
I hope your weekend is full of people, good smells, friendly pets, inspiration and creation. I hope that you and I have a few quiet moments to breathe deep and rest. Thank you for coming by. I wish you warmth.


Anonymous said...

Seems like we're all tired! Keep on keepin' on Pom Pom! Hugs,xxxx

Green thumb said...

Hope you have a good rest!

MamaF said...

I truy love your posts. And YOU ! dear friend. I've been so blessed by your friendship. Things might slow down a bit for some months so I'll find the time to properly update you and maybe to snailmail too, I love so much writing letters .... and I might even have an address to give you ... I might... if the Lord thinks so :) I really trust Him.
Have a wonderful weekend !

GretchenJoanna said...

You are reminding me to build a fire and put some candles out *right now* so that my house,too, will be cheery tonight when we get home. Thanks, Pom Pom!

magsmcc said...

Tomorrow is Preparing for Advent- full to its quota of women seeking a quiet place to sit and relax and have a litle bit of fun and think. I will be thinking of you as the little lights twinkle and the little biscuits mingle and the little thoughts bring Jesus-calm!

Gumbo Lily said...

Pom Pom,
Wishing you warmth and peace and a quiet cat nap or two. Have a restful weekend.


wayside wanderer said...

I hope you have some time to just relax this weekend. Love the flower idea! I love your heart for your students.

Kari of Writing Up A Storm said...

You keep my faith alive in my country knowing that someone like you is in a school teaching and reaching out to all your children. I know we are a very large country, still living in very segregated communities, but when we understand that all American children are OUR children, regardless of their color or religion or which side of the tracks they come from, then we can do a better job of joining together to make this country a better place. I wish politicians would put ALL the children of the world at the top of the list, and then maybe there wouldn't be any wars anymore. We need more potted plants on the window sills for all the T's and the F's and the Z's and the B's in the world. We need more Pom Poms, that's for sure!! xo Kari

Firefly said...

Those students of yours are truly blessed to have you Pom! You're a rare gem of a teacher -- really!
And yes ma'am, please buy yourself some flowers --- at least once a week. You deserve it!
Happy Thanksgiving!

Kerri said...

I always used to find that the children who were the most difficult were the one's who needed the most love. Sometimes I really had to make myself love them, but it never failed. I bet T will feel loved when you give her a potted flower just for her. You have such a good heart and I love that about you x x


Here I am dear friend :o)

My new computer is amazing. It's so fast and colourful and it likes to visit friends

I have visited quite a few blogs where everyone seems to be tired and busy. It must be that time of the year!

I am so happy your kids make your heart sing. You are always so full of enthusiasm for your students and their achievements. THEY are blessed!

I'm just wondering if you could send Snow White over here when she is done at yours? I'm turning a blind eye to many things right now!

Sending you hugs and blessings dear one :o)

Anonymous said...

Dear Pom Pom ~

So nice to catch up on visiting! You always do such sweet things to encourage your students!

I miss the flowers in the garden but right now I have some "store" flowers in my kitchen window ~ brought home last week by my sweet man to encourage me. They still look beautiful and they are encouraging me! Flowers and candlelight...such simple pleasures!

Have a blessed Sunday sweet one!

The dB family said...

I'm glad you had a good weekend. Saying a little prayer for you right now for a great week ahead!