Saturday, September 11, 2010

Hop! Hop! Hop!

Hi Everyone! Saturday mornings feel magic! So many possibilities and so much potential for my downfall: the tendency to be unrealistic. Yes, that's me. Oh well. IF it were possible to cram everything I'd like to enjoy into ONE weekend, I would . . .

Go see Nanny McPhee Returns. When we were in Australia last March, I saw the advertising for it on buses, but it was Nanny McPhee and the Big Bang. I wonder why they changed it for America.

I would wish for the UPS man to come on Saturday because I am waiting for a used book to arrive. The original Laurel's Kitchen. CAN'T WAIT. Don't you love the Jolly Postman?

One of my "rules" (and yes, I know that was kind of dumb and boring) is one glass of lemonade (the kind that is frozen in the can and very sour and full of lemon) EVERY DAY. I'll have my tall glass for lunch.

Wash some clothes and hang them out on the line.

Call Brad (my fisherman!) and chat with him because I love his voice.

Get out stickers, magazines, colored pencils and create some bright pages in my journal.

Tidy up.

Oh, wait! What about that big bag of papers that must be looked at, marked, and entered in the electronic grade book? Oh yeah. I'll do some of that. Look how sweet the eighth graders are. Some are naughty and sassy, yes. Overall, they are full of potential and morphing into grown ups sloooooooooowly. I like them. I think I'll keep them.
Happy Weekend and thank you for popping by my hop, hop, hop around place where I feel very free to go off topic.


Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Hi Pom Pom Sweetie...
A beautiful share today. You are just a bundle of energy. I do not know where you find it all, but could you pass some my way please?

I love the faces of your 8th graders. Aren't they sweet? And that little red stool of yours, know she stold my heart. I love RED.

I have been wanting to go see Nanny McPhee and you have encouraged me to do just that. I know it will be GREAT.

Hope your postman comes soon for you.

Have a gorgeous day sweetie. Country hugs and much love, Sherry

Firefly said...

Oooo yes, go see "Nanny . . .". In spite of my grinching about the poop & barf, it's cute and fun.
And sorry 'bout the paper grading - blech!
p.s. Your fisherman is so cute and has such a sweet face.
p.p.s I tried to leave a comment on your last post (NOT boring - your post, that is) but guess it didn't get through. Blogger kept telling me some kind of error message?

Mrs Yappy Dog said...

Hi Pom Pom - a cheery post and I love Nanny McPhee too - we saw the latest film on the flight home from Florida and watched it twice. I love the way she becomes prettier as the children learn to be good people.

wayside wanderer said...

I hope you accomplish all you hoped and more! I wish you rest, beauty, accomplishment, laughter, and love today.

Patricia Torres said...

That sounds like a beautiful gorgeous day... Hope you do it all.. and more!!

Angela said...

Apparently they had to change it for you folks in the USA because they felt you would not understand it was about an explosion - and might think it was to do with theories of the world coming into being, so might cause problems with the creation v. evolution situation!!
Similarly Alan Bennets film 'madness of George 3rd' had to be changed to 'madness of King George' for the US because people thought it was the last film in a trilogy and they'd missed the first two!!
It does appear that the USA film market research people assume that everyone in the USA is lacking in the ability to work things out. I am sorry about that - cos I don't think you are daftat all, PomPom!!
blessings x x

magsmcc said...

Oh we do love the Jolly Postman- and actually ours is very jolly and we always give him chocolates at Christmas (and he drives an Audi TT...) and do you have the Christmas Jolly Postman- oh you must have a copy in your house before the season comes! And I want to live in the Big bang house! Without the mud possibly? Love your students- I wouldn't be allowed to take a photo of mine, but I have two nice displays thus far so will try to remember to take them next Friday! Do a little bit of marking soon!

Gumbo Lily said...

I can't help it....I love the picture of the artist taking a "closer look" and the lady as well as the men in the pics expressively looking on.

Lemonade daily sounds nice and refreshing. I'll stick to my afternoon coffee tho. I can't trade it.

Happy Weekend, Pom Pom.


Mrs Button said...

ahh i can see you are a great teacher. Nanny Mcphee rules! :o)

Vicki said...

Hello, PomPom, my friend,
Look at those cute 8th graders!! They look like they are enjoying their class so much. I always love all of your illustrations. That little girl doing her laundry looks like an Eloise Wilkin illustration. My mom always read her books to me at my nap time. Love her books!! Have a happy week.~Vicki

theshepherdshouse said...

I hope your weekend was filled with all your heart's desires! I think it has flown by much too quickly! I do love it when the postman is bringing some special mail!

Have a blessed week!

The dB family said...

It sounds like a perfect day, even if you don't accomplish it all. Do what you enjoy and have fun!! Lovin' all the pictures!