Saturday, September 18, 2010

Another Corner of the World

Thank you for your dear prayers for Kelli. At my school prayer group, we prayed for her, too. She has lots of love and concern coming her way. I remember what life was like when our kids were little. I felt a little jumbled and even though I tried so hard not to lose things, I'm sure I did. I received a call last night from a man who found Kelli's cell phone in his mother in law's back yard. In her rush to preschool, Kelli left her phone on the roof of her car and it flew off. Poor girl. She'll get it back today even though she's already fixed the phone problem. One time my dad was getting ready to go back to the capital for a week of lawmaking and he drove off with a basket of clean clothes and shoes on the top of his car. I think he drove QUITE a ways before he realized it and all was lost. When we had very little money, I went to a pizza parlor to buy a pizza for the kids and left it on top of the car and it flew off on my way home. I cried. Mom's get frazzled.

Bill is winding up his visit to Cambodia, but I thought you'd like to see a few pictures. A lot of people have asked me what Bill does and why he flies all over the globe. Real quick, I'll tell you. He started this ministry so that he could go abroad and encourage Christian workers who love kids. He raises all the money here and travels to many countries to consult and train, love and serve. He goes to Africa, Asia, South America and New Zealand and Australia. Occasionally he travels to Europe, too. He does get a bit jet lagged and he isn't trying to build a big organization (we've worked with many fine BIG organizations and love them) but he is thrilled to serve in this simple way. I hope that explains his job a bit.
Some sweet Cambodian kids had a fun barbecue. Cool lanterns, huh?

Everywhere he goes, he rides on the back of a "moto" and all the kids who can, drive one. Some ride regular bikes. The roads are so crowded with bikes. When I was there, I was a little nervous about traveling around this way (even back and forth from the airport!) but I soon relaxed. I DID sing praise songs to myself the entire time though! Once I looked over at a moto beside me and saw a mother with a baby on her lap, calm as could be. I figured all would be okay.

Here is "How Great Thou Art" in Khmer. I bet you'll be singing this hymn all day now. "Then sings my soul! My Savior God to Thee . . . "

I love this sign. I am using this picture at school because this old lady needs a bit more quiet than the teenagers do! But, today I wish YOU some quiet, too. May you sit and ponder. Feel the love coming your way. Know that you are not in charge and feel the relief of it.


Leslie said...

Love your new look, Pom Pom! Blue is so soothing. I enjoyed this post as I have often wondered about your husband (I try not to be too much of a Nosey Nellie) and what it is he does. What a blessing he must be! And you are so supportive.

I watch the kids at the end of the day at our one day a week homeschool co-op and yesterday they were so wound up. I thought I would lose my mind with all the naughty shenanigans and how I would have loved some "Keeping of Silent". I came home and had a small glass of wine. Next week I'm plugging in the tv for those little darlings. :)

Have a blessed weekend!

Anonymous said...

Wow, that's wonderful, and you are such a good wife to support him in all this!

And as for your bravery with the moto again! :)

Love you Pom Pom!

Tina xxx

Anonymous said...

I'm singing 'how great thou art.... how great thou art'.. now and cant get it off my mind!!!

Its lovely.. your new flower on the header.. Lovely!! :-)

Gumbo Lily said...

I really like the sign. I would have liked it back when my kids were littles and very loud all day long. Oh, do I ever know about tired mommies. They need loving support and a nap now and then.

The lanterns are beautiful.
Happy Saturday.


P.S. I like the blue birds background.

Bradley W. Maston said...

Yes, Silence is our most valuable commodity! Never enough, I am greedy for it! I love you SOOOOO much!

Betty said...

Hi Pom Pom, I was interested to learn a little about Bill's work. My brother lived in Northern Thailand for 10 years, he brought his Thai wife and 2 kids home to UK 3 years ago (he is a teacher. They had lived surrounded by rice fields and not much else until they left! We visited the country ourselves a few times and saw whole families riding on these little motorbikes - it's surprising how resourceful people are! We are focusing on Thailand at our church next week (Harvest) and will be seeing a film about the poverty that exists there. By the way I left my handbag on the roof of my car once but somebody stopped me as I drove out the supermarket! Hope kelli's skin is feeling better. Betty x

magsmcc said...

Oh poor Kelli- how did I miss these last posts- having a husband away and two boys home, I suppose! But then this is what you've done so well, obviously! I think Bill needs to come and do some encouraging in Ireland- tell him to look up Fringe Youth Works, Monkstown next time he's looking for ideas! (We can be very quiet here- sometimes!)

Barbara said...

A great work your husband is doing and you too in being happy for him to go.

My favourite hymn you have here.


Vicki said...

Hello, dear Pompom,
I am glad Kelli is doing better. Yes, I, too, remember those days quite well. I had young children and worked full time most of the time except when they were very, very young. I drove off one time with my purse on top of the car. I didn't know what else to do except call the police station. A kind and honest gentleman had turned it in there with everything in tact. A big thanks to Bill for the great work he does and to you for working with our children. Have a blessed week, my friend. Love and hugs~Vicki

Left-Handed Housewife said...

So interesting to hear more about what Bill does. I always assumed it was some sort of missions work.

Please Keeping of Silent: yes! I've been a frazzled mom lately--mostly because we're in the midst of a heat wave and it makes me cranky and impatient--so I'm trying to remember to rest and be very, very quiet whenever I can.


The dB family said...

Absolutely beautiful! I am thrilled that you shared with us a bit what Bill does. I too was wondering. What a beautiful ministry. Someday, when my little ones are grown, I would like to be able to take photos for a ministry such as that. I love the photos you have put on your blog. I would like to hang that sign in my kitchen sometimes :o).

I am glad Kelli is being well covered in prayer. What a blessing if all busy young moms could have that!

Love the delicious new look to your blog!!