Monday, March 1, 2010

March . . . to the store and buy a kite or a bunny!

Hi again! I found this dear hobbit table top on a hobbit site. Don't you want to pull up a chair and have a second breakfast?
Look at Gandalf's cart of fireworks! I shouldn't keep procrastinating about making my bunting. This simple bunting does the job, don't you think?

A friend and I went for a walk on the trail Sunday and I'm always trying to get the perfect photo of this outbuilding.

See the hobbit house? She called us in for tea and a bun. I took a nap on a downy bed in the corner and then headed back to the trail. Smile. Wouldn't that be a sweet little visit?

Some of the horses had coats on, but these two were standing out in the sun even though there wasn't much of it. Brrrrrrrr.

My friend thinks this is some sort of water drainage idea but I like to think it's a nice place for picnics. The swampy middle is where the symphony gathers to entertain the neighbors.
Bill comes home today! Hooray! I had yesterday off and four of our grands came to play. We made lots of messes and had various distracted lunch fixings. It was almost warm enough to play outside and their smiles of joy as they ran around, kicked the ball, stomped the snow, and blew bubbles made my day!
It's March! "With tuppence for paper and string, you can have your own set of wings . . . " Go buy a kite, for heaven's sake! Happy! Happy!

Oh, and it wouldn't be a bad idea to buy yourself a bunny.


Michela said...

Happy March Pom Pom!
Love your surroundings, as well your new blog makeover!
Have a great week! xxx

Gigi said...

Beautiful Colorado and beautiful babies and beautiful you!
So glad to hear your man ^.^ is on his way home!
Bless you,


What fun!

Looks like your snow has almost gone now?


wayside wanderer said...

Love that red outbuilding and those beautiful grands. Can't believe it is already March. Winter weariness is slowly slipping away. Have a blessed day, Pom Pom!

Mrs Yappy Dog said...

What a great place, and yes, I want a bunny now (my family always said it's unlucky to call it a rabbit, especially in March but I don't know why!).

libbyquilter said...

hi Pom Pom~!~

a wonderfully fun post and guess what~!?!~ i finally posted about my own bunny (and his pal Raggedy Ann).

i'm starting to feel like spring is trying really really hard to get a foothold . . . around here, it's way too early to get very excited but i sense a change a comen . . .


libbyquilter said...

p.s. get busy on that bunting~!!~
you'll be so happy with it when it's finished~!~


SuKnitWitty said...

PomPomsPondering is sooooo March your welcoming bowl of orange. Wow, March....Let's hope for wind without snow, sleet and all that cold stuff. I'm so done with Winter! Gosh! the Kids are cute blowing bubbles and enjoying being outside. It's about time for bunnies and hobbits the ones you found and the red barn...I wanna walk with you my friend. Maybe someday! Like your music, too. See ya soon...I'll answer your email, too...haven't sat long enough to do that yet!

Jessica said...

Awww, a fun day with your gran babies. I just know you are a most fun gran!

p.s. I love your spring green background & I'm always inspired by your sidebar. Your blog makes me happy.So comforting and warm.You have a very special way with people. I admire that.


Vicki said...

Sweet first day of March post! I am on my way to buy my kite and bunny! Your little bunnies are the sweetest! Have a week full of fun and laughter, my friend! Vicki

Gumbo Lily said...

When our kids were Littles, we always bought kites in March. Oh fun! Your grands look like they are having a good time with their Granny.


Heart Felt said...

What adorable little faces. Thank-you so much for the kindest and sweetest little card. Sadie was quite taken with it and walked around with it in her hand for a day. My husband found it on the table and read it and was quite touched with your kind words. Thank-you. xx

Kerrie said...

What lovely fun!! Kerrie

Kari of Writing Up A Storm said...

I love this storybook post ~ it took me into a fairytale world. That hobbit hut in the woods is so enchanting, I wish I had been there with you to nap and dream. And that last photo of the sweetheart in the armchair ~ that is the most luxurious, sink-into, dream of an armchair that I ever saw! xo Kari

Kerri said...

Hello you delightful creature! You have received an award at my blog! Please go and take a look.

magsmcc said...

Oh I have recently discovered your blog through Floss' Pause for Lent and I am enraptured! Hobbits, crosses and journals are my excuse for calling- but those little houses. Oh yes, please! I hope you won't mind my having taken the liberty of linking to two of your fabulous posts today!

George's Mum said...

Hello! I too am following the Pause for Lent trail although I have been a bit slow off the mark! Thank you for your lovely comment on my first addition to the Pause.... I'm off to have a good old read of your lovely blog now. x