Friday, March 5, 2010

Come Sit Down, Honey Bunny

Hello, Honey Bunny.
I know bunnies in the garden can be disastrous - dining on our flowery blooms. Our daughter Kelli had zillions of bunnies at her old house. I'd pull up and find them lounging around in the front lawn, not at all intimidated by my car or me. We have gray bunnies, but in Washington (where I grew up by the golf course) there were soft brown bunnies. They had the tiniest little ears! Adorable. I am drawn to "all things bunny" and Beatrix Potter's artwork exhibits bunnies in all their glory, doesn't it?

What a cozy bed Peter has here. I like mother rabbit's blue dress and her snowy white apron, don't you?

My mother has my Bunnykins cup - or maybe mine broke. It lives in my memory and is full of creamy hot chocolate with soft marshmallows floating on top. Two handles! Brilliant!

I admire this mother bunny very much. Look at all her children! She, a servant-hearted bunny, took her Easter job seriously. Have you read it? Oh, you HAVE to! You'll want some golden shoes!

I can resemble a broken record. I go on and on about trees, bunnies, chairs. Bear with me! Are YOU fascinated with chairs? I am wishing for a cozy chair at school. I'd like a soft, puffy reading chair/bar stool to sit on when I start to wilt at the end of the school day. I have to quit thinking about this and start searching for my "perfect teacher chair" sooner than later. I love the picture above - my Birdie sitting in my beat up old chair. Notice the pen marks on her leg! She's playing with Tinkerbell and the flickering fairy.

This is our family room chair, clad in her jeans.

When you acquire new furniture, is it chairs or stand-up stuff? I think I have way too much stand up stuff. Houses that have heavenly chairs say, "Welcome!" They certainly don't have to be fancy. My old college dorm had a television room full of ratty old chairs and every spot was taken by a tired young lady! My granny had a huge armchair with her TV Guide perched on the side, a big rubber band holding it closed. She looked like a happy old mole sitting in that chair. My mother sat in a yellow vinyl chair when she read my sister and I all the Winnie the Pooh stories. I can still see her sitting there in the corner. I stared at her while she read. My mother-in-law was a little lady and she sat, one leg tucked under, in her green, stripped rocker as she knit and crocheted. Today, I hope you will stop and sit. Drink a cup of tea. Put your feet up. I'm going to work on getting that cushy chair for my classroom. Any ideas?
Tomorrow is Pink Saturday and so far - no pink inspiration has come my way. I'm sure it will, so please stop in tomorrow. I love it when you pop in on Sunday, too. A Pause in Lent has afforded me some new blog friends and all of their thinking is fascinating. Time for toast and a warm bath before school. Happy Friday!


CollectIn Texas Gal said...

In Texas we have 'Jack Rabbits', and they aren't really all that cute. I've had a Peter Rabbit or two in some of my gardens...they are cute, but pests when trying to grow Lettuce in the Texas sun! I see you in a ThroneWingBackChair.. for school...The QueenEnglish/Reading Teacher! Course it could be really cushy with pillows and popup foot rest so the Kids can have appreciate Your Soul...s of your Clown Shoes. Shoes!

Baley Petersen said...

I love Country Bunny! I just saw a copy of it at the book store this week and was tempted to buy it for my little niece. Instead I bought her The Paper Bag Princess. ;)

I'm a couch kind of person. I prefer lounging to sitting. Chairs are nice, but they have a certain up-right-ness to them that don't allow for really exquisite lounging. I would have loved that old Fitzgerald style 20s chaise lounge, where women would lay themselves out, displaying their pretty dresses and resting their little feet.


I love little bunnies. We had a pet rabbit for our son when he was young... I was always afraid it was going to bite me...same things with his gerbils and guinea pig. Maybe I was bit as a child and don't remember....
Your white and denim chair looks so comfy. So when exactly are you off to Austraila? Lucky you! Do you have family or friends there?
Hope you have an awsome trip.

Vicki said...

Hello, PomPom,
I am in love with Peter Rabbit and friends, too. I love the soft colors used in all of the illustrations. You definitely need a soft stool or chair for school. I had a stool that I would sit on from time to time during the day when my legs and feet were completely worn out. May you have a weekend full of sunshine and laughter! Vicki

wayside wanderer said...

I hope you find just the right chair for your classroom. I love that idea and it will make reading time so comfy. I especially love Peter Rabbit. He is my favorite bunny of all time. :) I have bunnies that nibble my flowers and there is one that likes to lay in our front yard at night. If I plant pansies I know they will get gobbled up.

Jessica said...

Im hopping ;-) right over to amazon for the book you recommended. You never steer me wrong. I am loving The Shell Seeker's so much right now. Love Beatrix Potter so! My son (Jordan) loves Peter Rabbit and has since he was just little bittie guy. We just found a miniature peter rabbit tea set last week. I was going to do a post on that soon. Isn't that funny?
You know what else, I am so a chair person. I just slipcovered two chairs in the den...... I love the way they look. Isn't it amazing how those little things make such a big difference? I love the way you write! How you described those loved ones in their chairs was charming!

Your music is becoming a comforting, familiar greeting when I visit your page. I love that!

xx Have a great weekend Pom Pom!

Anonymous said...

Happy Friday to you too Pom Pom ~

I will look for the book you mentioned in our library system. My 12 year old and I are in the process of reading Miss Hickory thanks to you!! We are enjoying it and she is wanting to make a twig doll now! How fun!

Hope you have a blessed weekend!

Kerri said...

I do love chairs and bunnies! Your house looks so cosy! I wish I could stop by for a cup of tea and a good chat x x

Gumbo Lily said...

My kids and I have always been great Beatrix Potter fans and therefore fans of Peter Rabbit, Benjamin Bunny, Tom Kitten, Two Bad Mice, and Mrs. Tiggy-winkle to name a few. Love them all.

I always read books aloud to my five kiddles on the couch so we could ALL snuggle in together. What memories.

We have mostly jackrabbits on the prairie and a few cottontails around closer to the buildings. (adorable!)

I hope you find the perfect, comfy school chair Pommy.


Gigi said...

Oh you know I love bunnies (bunny, bunny, bunny. . .:)! As Sue said, we don't see too many little fluffers around here, but last time we were in Canada, I enjoyed seeing all the little poufy bunnies so much. There were dozens of them around our cabin -- all different colors and all sorts of cuteness. They even posed for a few glamour shots ;-). I don't know "The Country Bunny", but I'm putting her on my wishlist right now.
And as my Little said, I love your descriptions of your special ladies in their special chairs -- what lovely images.
Have a loverly weekend!

debbie bailey said...

I have "The Country Bunny". This is a good time of year to read it. I don't think I've ever read it to my eleven-year-old. She thinks she's much too cool for it, I'm sure. But I'll read it to her anyway, and she'll love it! Thanks for reminding me of a very sweet book.

libbyquilter said...

oh yes~!!~ bunnies and chairs ~ two of my favorite things~!!~

i love chairs too and i have a small collection of small chairs: doll and children sized . . . i wonder why so many of the things that i collect are "small"~!?!~


ach~!!~ too cute. my word verification is teddepaw~!!~

Charlotte, Cottontails said...

Brilliant! I am only now catching up on posts from the past week or so and am thrilled to find both a mouse house AND rabbity post from you. Really enjoying reading your blog......

Love Charlotte