Monday, January 1, 2018

January 1, 2018 YAY!

(Timothy wore a festive bow tie for a few days around Christmas, but it cramps his style so it's off again!)
 Happy New Year!  I woke up feeling decisive so I made a list of things I've been giving mind space to that are not producing fruit. For example: eating too much, sitting too much, watching YouTube videos of OTHER people doing things, neglecting my Bible, having too many makes on the go . . . you get the idea.  

One thing I am not going to do this year is join in with knit alongs.  I am too slow and to INFP-ish to join knit alongs.  I don't want to follow the patterns and I am not motivated by other knitters who knit at the speed of light.  Silly me! I THOUGHT I wanted to, but then I realized I don't.  Lol! 
 Here is one of Bill's Christmas gifts.  It's a wall sticker and I told him that he could choose where to put it.  I tend to do all the cluttering up of our surroundings.  I think he picked a great spot in the dining room.  It's his house, too.  
 Here's me using the peppermint tea for a prop again.  I received some tea things.  I want to try something I've heard about.  Tetley Tea Earl Grey Vanilla.  It must be ordered.
 Bill also received a heated throw.  Guess who LOVES it?  Yes, old Flopsy Mopsy thinks it's his. 

The thirteen dollar live tree I bought at Walmart is free from her ornaments but she still must tolerate the sparkles that were applied to her limbs.  Poor.  

Today I'd like to organize my books (Bill gave me so many and I must figure out where to put them).  I'd like to get my study to the point where it is a place to study instead of a place to stack things.
I'll cook a warm dinner for Kelli and her gang.
Thank you for coming by!
(Note:  Kit, if you are reading this my comments bounce back from your blog. The message says the email is no longer valid.  I read your blog faithfully.  Can the problem be fixed?)


Julia said...

Happy New Year Pompom. Your New Year list of things you want to change is a very good one. Mine is a bit different, I wish I had more time to sit and do leisure things. I'd like to have more time to cook and bake and had less hard work to do. I'm losing weight and I don't have enough padding to keep me warm in these frigid temperatures.

I like your wall decal. I think your husband has chosen the right spot for it. Tim seems to really enjoy the warm throw. Cats do love the heat.

Wishing you a very good 2018.
Hugs, Julia

Gumbo Lily said...

Happy New Year 2018!
I could have written your post about the things I want/need to change in my day-to-day life. Except for knitting. I don't knit, but I do other things like sew, embroider, and newest love is watercolor. One thing that has been a fun find for me is to take a watercolor class online that has no limits on time. You do it at your own speed. I like that. I also love youtube for painting inspiration, but I'm finding that I need to youtube less and DO more.

Love your tea things. I've been having a cup of peppermint tea most evenings lately. I like it and it's a warm & comforting. Blessed 2018 to you and Bill and the Troops!

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

I also want to sit less in front of the computer watching other people do things. I became more of a chair potato in front of my computer since losing my dear husband 5 years ago, 9 Dec. 2012. Life hasn't been the same that is for sure. I am looking forward to all of the possibilities that this year brings. Blessings and lessons from God. I want to trust Him more for everything.

May your 2018 be a very good year ~ FlowerLady

ellen b. said...

Happy 2018 to you and yours dear Pom Pom!
You are quicker than me in deciding some things for 2018. Today I just sit and watch the Rose Parade and then maybe I'll jump up and do a whirlwind of things before the Rose Bowl game! I haven't pondered what goals I might have in 2018. It's always good to think of more of Him and less of me. God bless you and yours dearly!
I'm getting some bounce backs from a couple of blogs, too.

Boyett-Brinkley said...

Happy New Year, Pom Pom! Good luck with making the study someplace to actually study -- when you figure it out, let me know, I could use the help! Here is wishing you a wonderful year! P.S. I don't blame you about no knit-alongs. I have tried those sorts of things as well and they just don't go along with my personality type either! I am going to try to do more "stuff" as well, instead of watching others do it. In fact, I might start right now!

Kit said...

Hi Pom Pom! Thanks for the note, I just tried to get into my email account and it is all wonky. I switched my address to my Gmail account. Try it now and see if it works. :) Happy New Year! Kit

Kit said...

Hello again! I am glad you are mixing it up for the New Year. Always good to try new things (the speed knitting) and if it doesn't work out, on to other things. I love your little window in your dining room! Now I want one. :) Kit

Cozy Thyme Cottage said...

Hi Pom Pom, I spend too much time also reading what others make and collecting ideas. I will never get them all done if I live to be a 100! Your kitty is so adorable. Reminds me of one we use to have. Happy New Year! Nancy

Jeanie said...

Oh, Timothy is WAY too handsome! And luxurious on that throw! Looks like a wonderful Christmas. I love peppermint tea, too!

NanaDiana said...

Happy New Year! I am with you- I am dumping somethings that I don't do well--or don't enjoy doing and moving forward doing things I love. Love Timothy and he is IN LOVE as I can tell.

I hope you have a blessed, wonderful year-xo Diana

M.K. said...

Pom, I have a question about one phrase you used: "too many makes on the go." I've never heard that one before! Is it similar to "too many irons in the fire"? Isn't it fun that we have different sayings from different regions in the US? I grew up saying, "...and Bob's your uncle!" which is evidently an Australian saying, but other ladies in our church from the NE had never heard of it. Go figure!
I agree with group-alongs. I'm not a group-along person. I go at my own speed and generally don't do groups, haha.
I like the sound of that heated throw ... esp. this week. Brrr!
Stay warm, stay tea-drinking, stay knitting :)

Granny Marigold said...

Your Norfolk Pine is lovely and I think the sparkles add loveliness. I bought one just like yours about 3 or 4 years ago only mine was maybe 14 inches high. It is as big as yours now and believe it or not some sparkles are still clinging to the occasional branch.
I hope you had a happy Christmas and now on to the new year. With goals to reach!! Isn't it hard to organize books when you've no more bookshelf room? I find it hard to get rid of books ( they're old friends, after all).

A heated throw would be a great idea for my DH! Must look for one ( on sale, of course).

Lisa Richards said...

The list at the beginning of your post is veeery familiar! I'm going to work on those things, too. Keeping up with "challenges" and "alongs" can get to be stressful. That's why I'm sort of winding down on ATC swaps. I want to take my time and do things in my own way without lots of rules and deadlines that aren't really necessary. Hobbies should be relaxing, not competitive. (Unless you're a marathoner?) Having said that...I AM doing the Goodreads challenge. But I only signed up to read 26 books this year. I figure I'll get more out of reading than watching too much YouTube! God bless your year! (I like the wall sticker!)

magsmcc said...

I'd like to get this whole house to a point where the room becomes that room, and not just a place to stack things. Bringing in a drum kit probably wasn't the best way to start that off! That's already more energy than I can think about, let alone muster! 2018 will just have to another plod along for me!!

Julie said...

Hello to flopsy Mopsy :-) I received quite a few tea gifts for Christmas too Pom Pom ... I Love it when this happens as I get to try all these lovely new teas. I hope you have a happy New Year my friend. Bills wall sticker looks stunning hanging there. Xxx

Pom Pom said...

This is Kim’s comment that I accidentally deleted🤨
Happy new year! I get you about too much of watching other people do things. And about knit-alongs, I am not a knitter, but I crochet...slowly compared to others. But I enjoy my slower pace. But I am nowhere near fast enough to keep up if expected to. I'm going to do Lucy's (Attic24) Woodland blanket when she starts it up soon. But I'm not going to try to keep up with anyone else. It's less fun if you feel rushed, right?

So cute to see the kitty enjoying your hubby's new throw. My kitty would take it over, too!

Have a lovely evening, Pom!

Thanks for visiting, Kim!❤️

Farm Girl said...

Happy New Year! I think those are all worthy goals. Nope, I can't do sew alongs or any of those things. I am too slow too. I find I get all upset inside and don't enjoy the journey. I love the wall sticker. Very nice. Timothy, what a cat!
I am sure your study will look like a study soon.
I wish you the best 2018! Happy New Year.

Sue McPeak said...

Happy New Year Karen, and to your loving family, too. Have so enjoyed your blog in 2017 with your many interests, photos and of course your journey in knitting. I had to laugh at the exit from Knit I too gave up on several after not following the rules or finishing. Finally took apart what I did and reused the yarn. See you more often in 2018.

Debi said...

Happy New Year! Your comment about joining knit alongs made me chuckle. I am always tempted to join so a couple of years ago I would join without actually joining... by the third month I was so far behind I was never going to catch up! I enjoy knitting but I have to do it at my own pace... sloooooow. I feel about my craft room the same as you do about your study. I get it half way organized and then I start stacking again... it's a never ending job.

Kim said...

Happy New Year, lovely Pom Pom! Enjoy reading all those books.

Prunella Pepperpot said...

Happy New Year Pom Pom! I love knitting but at snails pace and am known for leaving an unfinnished piece for a couple of months!!
Your cat certainly is enjoying the new throw!!
Have a wonderful week :)

happyone said...

Happy New Year! Sounds like a good list.
It is much more enjoyable knitting, reading, walking, or whatever without making demands on how fast or how many you have to do. I'm trying not to be so obsessed with things like that.

elizabeth said...

Happy New Year!!! I struggle with balancing all things too! Lord help us!

Nana Go-Go said...

Happy New Year my Friend. Love all of your tea stuff. I think where Bill put the sticker is ideal. Is it Gandalf? Your little cat has such a air of authority about him! I've just joined a KAL but it's just for a hat so won't take long. Did you get my Christmas Card? Tons of Love. xoxox

Danette Bartelmay said...

First thing- Happy New Year My Dear Friend! ��✨��
Next thing - I’m in love with that kitty!!!!!!!
Last thing- I love all your posts - always ��
Oh! One more thing- I NEVER do the knit-a-long thing ... no time for that ...
Too much pressure there- knit at your own pace and ENJOY the luxury of it ��
Great Big Fat Hugs,

Kezzie said...

Happy New Year! Tim has the right idea with that blanket!! Your pressies are great! I do love your decorated home!

GretchenJoanna said...

A Place to Stack Things sounds like every room in my house. I don't like that, either. Think I must need another bookcase!!

Wood Fairy said...

Happy New year to you :) i posted to you way before Christmas, i guess snail mail will deliver some time. Your home looks so cosy and welcoming ..a cat makes a home complete x

Fat Dormouse said...

Good things to work on dear Pompom. At the moment I'm focussing on recovery - there's a way to go yet - but after that, we are going to look seriously at how we eat and how I exercise. Or rather, how I don't exercise!!
I always love coùming to your blog - so cosy and sweet. I think we would really enjoy each other's RL company, if we lived nearer.

Hooks and Needles said...

It's so easy to waste time on social media, youtube etc and with no time for your own projects. Tim is so typical of all cats, always pinching a comfy spot, Cathy x