Thursday, May 28, 2015

Summer's Coming!

 Don't you love geraniums?  They are so cheerful and a bit festive, too.  After I planted yesterday afternoon, rain came.  We've had a lot of rain.

 And fear not!  There are A LOT of bees!  They love the bee balm.  Can you spy a bee or two?
 I have concluded that a watched peony bush does not pop.  I can't wait!  Jenny gave me a lovely pink print vase for Mother's Day.  It will be the peony vase!
 See Mr. Thunder looming?  He is!
 We've had plenty of blue sky, too.  I am waiting to plant my marigolds.  

 I'm happy about the red and white gingham curtains in the garage.  My sister's bridesmaids wore red and white gingham gowns and the wedding cake was red, white, and blue.  Her wedding was BEAUTIFUL!  
 Aren't naked kitchens thrilling?  I'm so excited!
It's going to be such a bright room!  Yippee! 

 We were at Kelli and Bryan's on Memorial Day.  The clouds were showing off!  Do you like the blue mountains?  
Do you like Smores?  I thought I did, but I forgot that I do not like the mess of melting marshmallows.  We had stickiness on hands, clothes, and in hair, too!
 Something funny happened.  I ordered Plum Cake and Sam each a mouse in a box because they wanted to play with mine and take her home.  When the mice came from Maileg (a favorite company and I'm still happy with them) one mouse girl was  . . . BLIND!  Yikes!
 Granny had to give her eyeballs.  She looks just fine now.
 Even though the weather is unpredictable, the walk around our neighborhood is fine.
 The other day, James was looking at birdies hanging on the thistle seed sack AND he was looking for his parents. Actually, he doesn't have that "Don't leave me!" thing going yet.  I'm glad.  He's always happy to see his parents drive into the driveway though.  Precious lamb.
 Our Brad and his lovely wife April went to the Stanley Hotel (The Shining!  Yikes!) for Memorial Day.  Estes Park is SO lovely!  Brad even fished a bit!
 Aw! I love these two faces so very much!
 Look at these two delighted faces!  Fun on the trampoline!
 Miss Bug = PRECIOUS!
 James would like to know if you'd like a popsicle.
 When I was packing up the kitchen I found the key to the family room door.  Yay!  I like the early morning sun to shine in onto the floor.  
 Summer is SO happy.
 Playing at the park is SO happy, too!
 Playing in your cousins' playhouse is super fun!
 Yes, we have new corners and clean walls.  Now we wait for the cabinets (Monday!) and soon we'll be back in our kitchen.  It's hard to operate without a sink.  Bathroom sinks are awkward.  I don't have a laundry room sink.
 Miss Bug had a sleepover with Sam and Plum Cake so Birdie and Millie Rose came to sleep here last night.  Millie slept on the hard floor and I was sleeping with her until my hip started to hurt.  I found a popcorn kernel beneath me.  OUCH!  The Princess and the Pea/The Granny and the Popcorn Kernel.  You know.
And we had our first knitting lesson.  It's hard to get the right hold on the needles and the yarn.  Birdie was a bit frustrated.  Grrrrrrr.
We have our family book club tonight (Hind's Feet on High Places and DQ Blizzards for treats).  There is gardening to do.  We have Taiwan friends coming to visit, a mountain retreat, and then Australian guests.  After that we're going to New Zealand and Australia.  Yippee!  
But before that, the new kitchen will be finished and our household will be back to normal.  
Take care, summer people!


Leslie said...

Oh, your grands just keep growing! I love geraniums and have a coral one in a pot on stool right out my back door. The good. I want a mousie and am going to go have a look at that company. I love that you gave that girlie one eyes. So like you, dear. A new way of seeing. Hugs from Texas.

Anonymous said...

Things are really happening at your place! It will be great to enjoy your new kitchen. How exciting that you are going to New Zealand and Australia! Your peony bush is at about the same stage as one of mine. I do have the first full bloom on my other bush.

Gill - That British Woman said...

a fun and happy post from you. I agree the grands are growing like weeds. Had neighbours and friends both visit Australia and New Zealand in April and May. All had a wonderful time.

TexWisGirl said...

lovely blooms. happy children (and parents, too). hooray on the kitchen progress! laughing at the smores and the popcorn kernel. :)

Farm Girl said...

Your kitchen is going to be beautiful!! I love all of the happy faces and all the goings on at your house. Everything is so green and so pretty.
I love the eyes you gave to the mouse. You have some nice things planned in the future. It is nice for summer.
My grand daughter has been learning to knit too. Her mommy says she can't believe how fast she caught on. That is funny you found a popcorn kernel. James just makes me smile. Have a wonderful evening.

Happyone said...

Happy and fun post. : )
Yes, geraniums sure are pretty.
Love the red gingham.
I planted my marigolds and most of they did not survive the frost.
I've lived through a kitchen makeover before. So worth the wait when it is finally done.
Glad you gave that mouse some eyes. : )

Granny Marigold said...

What excitement in your future!! Traveling, guests, retreats... WOW. Will you post before and after photos of your kitchen when it is finished? You know we'd all LOVE to see them. Take care (ha...I'm a fine one to say 'take care' *smile*)

Come Away With Me said...

You have a very busy travel schedule, and going to far away! I like your new corners and freshly painted kitchen walls. Looking forward to seeing those cabinets and how it all comes together. Yes, I DO love geraniums and you have reminded me of that. Somehow I've neglected to have a single one here and I think I am inspired to go buy two or three for some empty pots I've got. I like the brilliant red ones best, and also the scented ones with the tiny little flowers. Thanks for the inspiration!

Betty said...

How exciting it must be in your house with all those plans for visitors and then foreign travel. I hope the kitchen gets done really fast so you can hostess your guests. Litte James is a delicate, dainty little creature, isn't he - I think he is very special. Have fun planting marigolds. Sorry Badger has been a bit dormant, working shifts its tricky arranging days out but as hubby is a salesman and drives all over there will be some opportunities to get him out exploring soon. Betty x

Elizabethd said...

Your peonies are going to be so lovely. I'm not surprised that the bees love the Catmint, so do neighbourhood cats here!

Fat Dormouse said...

What exciting plans! And lovely photos too of all the grands! Keep practising the knitting Birdie! It will be worth it in the end. God bless dear Pompom!

Happy@Home said...

Thumbs up to geraniums.
Summer is shaping up to be an exciting season at your place... new kitchen, Australia and New Zealand. How fun. Enjoy!!

Tessa~ Here there be musing said...

Sorry... But I can not read here. Your very bright small red/white check background, boggles my eyes.

Plus, the background is moving again! It scrolls, as you try to scroll down, to read your long post.

If you made your post part wider, and thus, your background place less wide, one would not have to scroll so much, to read a post.

If I could find where your email addy is, on your background, I would say this in private email. But I can not find it. With the moving background.

I'm sorry to sound so negative!!!!! But I can't just stop reading here, and not say why!!!!!! -sigh-sigh-sigh-sigh-sigh-


Gumbo Lily said...

Your kitchen is going to be so lovely. I like the white bead board walls. It'll be fun to see the completed project.

I like summer so much. It is still very cool and drippy here, but we are glad for it. We were dry as dust just a month ago so this is much better.

I love geraniums too. I always have a big one in a galvanized bucket on my front porch.

Happy Summer!

Nana Go-Go said...

You totally own happiness, Pom. Now, if you nick out the buds from the geraniums, their season will last longer. It sounds rather barbaric to do so but trust me, it works. Have a great weekend, my friend. x

Amy at love made my home said...

I'm glad you fixed the mouse! I love geraniums!!! Cannot get enough of them!!! xx

Jeannette said...

Have you considered printing up some of your posts in one of those shiny bound books you can have made to order? It's such a bright tale though these days of grandmothering...a family treasure for sure.

Henny Penny said...

I just love those mice! You have a sweet and interesting blog.

Chel @ Sweetbriar Dreams said...

I loved reading about your happy times with your family, they are all so adorable! Quick thinking on fixing the blind mouse, how precious! Have a wonderful family filled weekend xx

ann said...

Your kitchen is bare. Oh my. I went through that sort of remodel at the old house from the floor up. This time around we only did counter tops and backsplash. Your life is full and sweet; the children are darling and the I am convinced that they are our secret to a happy life. Hey. A day with no rain. Sunshine all day. Loved it. I was out most to the day. Show us the cabinets.

NanaDiana said...

Lots going on there! Love your gardens..and I, too, LOVE peonies. They remind me of ladies all dressed in their Sunday best going to church. lol
Your grandkids are just adorable. You got some great pictures of them. I love that you enjoy then so much- I love my own, too! They make life so much more wonderful, don't they?
Can't wait to see your kitchen put back together. It's going to be wonderful! xo Diana

Maggie said...

Gorgeous photos! Lovely plants, people and goings on! Looking forward to seeing your new kitchen. X

M.K. said...

You're going to NZ and Austr? How fabulous! I wish I could go there and visit my bloggy friend Dasha. She lives on the east coast of Austr. I forget exactly where, but it's close to the shore. I think James's smile is so adorable -- I liked that photo of him smiling with your mama :) What a naked kitchen! Oh, I do hope it is ALL back together now. Your walls are so very pretty. I love that bead board look. Share photos of the new kitchen, ok?