Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Fun and Thumbelina

 Granny had fun at Kelli's house!  My hands are dry as a bone from all that compulsive hand washing in well water (they live in the country!) I did lots of easy food prep and clean up over the course of three days!
 It was fun being the homeschool sub!  The girls worked hard.
 I should have tried my hand at dog obedience homeschool, too!  Crazy Lucy!
 This old man did not like the cold weather we had yesterday!
 Sweet Millie Rose keeps herself busy while the sisters learn.  LOVE!
 I put essential oils in the humidifier so we could breathe.  Colorado is so DRY!  The benefit is fluffy hair (my hair in humid Taiwan = HORRID!)
 Breakfast!  I overcooked the bacon.  Grannies always seems to make food that doesn't look or taste like "Mommy's".
 Cute things I found around the house!
 We had a Rocky Road ice cream break yesterday afternoon!
 When I'd wake up in the morning feeling a strong need for coffee, the six pets would all circle around me waiting for Granny to meet THEIR needs.  They had to wait.  I am not used to taking care of animals first thing in the morning!

 Oh, how I LOVE this face!  Miss Bug!
 Bry and Kelli have a good carpenter who has done beautiful work like this all over their home.  I love this particular bookcase and it's sweet cottage features.
 We made one attempt to organize the doll clothes and furniture.  Fail.  
 Here's the most popular of the three cats.  Kitty Pet gets A LOT of enthusiastic hugs (holds) and attention (mauling) but she doesn't seem to mind!
 I love the toadstools on this wall canvas AND the umbrella!  So CUTE!
 Some of my sixth graders did not know how to tell time on a real clock!  Yikes!  I love Kelli's schoolroom clock!
 The calendar! Also FUN!
 Aw!  It's so nice to know that I'm getting prayed for.
 When they've had their church life group over, the basement can suffer some messy blows.  Birdie made this spiffy list to remedy the problem.  She loves to make lists.  So do I!
 Pretty corners abound at Kelli's house!
 I had to hang up the jump ropes because they were scaring me.  I don't like the way kids want to use them for leashes when they play puppies.  Granny said, "Be careful!" A LOT!
Anyway, I'm home again now and I have two days to prepare for Granny Camp Phase Two with our little cherubs from Ft. Collins.  I can't wait to cuddle them. They are SUPER cute and super fun!

Last, I ordered one of my highly-memorable childhood stories from Amazon.  I do not know who Deb Sorensen is, but I thank her for taking such good care of this Thumbelina book so I could gaze at the lovely pictures again.  I have a real love for the story, but I wanted to see the pictures I remembered from my little girl days.  
 A walnut shell bed?  Yes, please!
 Here is her woodsy bed! This made such an impression on me.  Do you like it?
 I love the mouse's purple shawl and red kerchief.  
 The bird!  I have used this image for storytelling material since our children were small and requesting stories.  I was so happy to find it again.
 Aw!  Thumbelina is so lucky!  A ribbon for reins and a ride on a lovely bird!  
I had forgotten how the story ended.  I remember staring at the little king's moth wings.  Magic.
This little book brings great joy to this granny.  Little people are fascinating (gnomes, fairies, Gulliver) and I'm so glad children can enjoy hard-covered books to generate unique and imaginative thoughts.  
I might try copying some of the pictures just for fun! 
The sky is SO blue today but there is a hard crunchy frost on the grass.  I think I might do something November-y today.  Bake ginger cookies?  Buy more apple cider?  Light a candle?  What November-y things do you like?

I am cozy.  VERY cozy.  Yay!


TexWisGirl said...

i know you had a blast - and are probably exhausted by it! :)

Farm Girl said...

So glad you are home. I bet you are tired. I love all of the pictures. It looks like a lovely household.
I do hope you get to have your coffee in the quiet. I always think it is a good reminder to see how hard Mommies work.
Have a wonderful day. It sounds like a nice day to be at home.

Anonymous said...

What a good granny you are! How nice that you can spend this time with them. Speaking of well water...my hair did not appreciate it too much when we were in Eastern Washington.

Sara said...

My goodness, you have been very busy! I love the creative spelling on the list for the church life group. Six animals is a lot to care for, especially first thing in the morning before having one's coffee. You are a wonderful grandma.

Cheyenne said...

Oh yes! I start making gingersnaps in November and we eat them only in November and December - as a special winter treat. Also sewing some tiny little wheat bags (rice bags) for the kids to cozy with now that we are in true, blue winter here in Alberta.

That house is BEAUTIFUL! I love how cozy it looks - down to the gingham curtains.

What special memories those children will have of spending time with their Grandma. Your love is so evident for them.

You're a gem!

Jean | Delightful Repast said...

Darling children--and cat! My hair likes dry climates, too. In humidity I tend to get Big Hair. Love the chair in that second photo.

Julia said...

Babysitting grandkids is a big job but I can tell you enjoyed every minute of it.

Kezzie said...

I do enjoy your whistlestop tours along your life- always so interesting and fun! You always see beauty, love and amusement in everything!x

Tessa~ Here there be musing said...

Ohhhh, little ones do love to make forts on the floor, with various furniture cushions, do they not? ,-)

Ahhh yes, tis Novermber and time for lots and lots of cozy things.

Can a crock pot full of more than one meal, of Spaghetti Sauce, bubbling away on the kitchen island, be something cozy? It is here, today.


Betty said...

That looks like a real, homely home - I can't imagine children around here being home schooled, it's not that common where I live but I wish it would be! I should feed the pets first in the morning you know, as they probably all stare at you drinking coffee and make you feel really guilty with their big hungry eyes? Amber Cat does that to me - dogs are worse, they tend to do lipsmacking noises to make it clear they are hungry! if I ever get a dog I will choose one that doesn't lipsmack! I think you will need a rest and some aromatherapy after all that granny camp stuff! Betty x

Betty said...

p.s. November-y-things? walking through loads of dried leaves, wearing my fake fur scarf, getting into bed early with a good book!

melanie said...

Looks like you all had so much fun! Love your Thumbelina book, little golden books are just wonderful!

Pom Pom said...

Thanks, everyone! I did ONE thing on my list of November options, the easiest one - I bought a jug of cider!

Amy at love made my home said...

Glad that you had a good time! xx

Granny Marigold said...

My November-y thing today is making pea soup. Whenever I ask my little grandson what I should make for supper he says "soup". Of course if soup is on the menu then freshly baked bread must also be. I am a busy granny today. Sounds like you are too!

ann said...

What a wild granny camp you had. And school, too. Love a house full of pets and kids. Good people live there. I had nearly forgotten all about Thumbelina. She has gotten lost in all of the media coverage on the Disney Princesses. I should introduce her to my little girls.November smells of cinnamon and pumpkin, doesn't it?

Jeannette said...

What a rich time you had...sweet pictures , as always.
In November, I like to pinch the persimmons on my tree..unfortunately, so do the raccoons!

Tassell, Tea pot, and life down under said...

Looked like you had so much fun with the kiddies PomPom. I love reading Thumbelina when I was a kid too. It's good to get out from the world of reality even only for a short while. That's what book does to me.
Well it's good to see you back home. Enjoy your camping.

Tessa~ Here there be musing said...

Nov. 5

Wow! I was so surprised! You changed your Header and blog look. You really surprised me, Hon. :-)

Lisa Richards said...

Cozy here, too, in the midst of our first real snow of the season. Watching Christmas movies!
I'm also a cautious Granny, warning my grandgirls to be careful. Yesterday Audrey laughed at something I said and told me it was "puhPOSTerous"! :)
Hey, I have the paperback version of the same Thumbelina book! Children's book illustrations are so inspiring.
Stay cozy and enjoy this November. XXOO

Lisa Richards said...

Love the gnome background!

Gumbo Lily said...

Those lucky (blessed) girls! What fun to have Granny come for three days. I like Kelli's clock too. One of my grands is homeschooling now and that would be a good way for her to tell time.

I remember the Thumbelina book. Such a good one.

I'm trying to finish up the last little bit of outdoor painting in November -- a granary door and a little spot above Granpa's front door. Baking, yes, I want to do that.

Kit said...

What a great time you are having! Your grands are so lucky to have you :) Love your new book too. Kit

Heather LeFebvre said...

Oh what fun! I think I'll have to be a granny homeschool sub when I'm older!!! I love the owls all over the wall...Speaking of humidifiers we have such bad luck with them. We can never seem to keep them working. I saw them for sale at Aldi and thought about buying another but wonder if it too will quit. Essential oils in them sounds really nice -- do you just add it to the water?

M.K. said...

Did Richard Scarry do those lovely pictures in your book? I only ask b/c the mouse looked like his. I understand that desire to see the illustrations that you saw a child, when the story didn't make as deep an impression as the pictures did! Glad you had such a great time with your little girls :) The messy doll closet! Argh -- brings back such memories! Kids are messy! Enjoy your November day. I may make pumpkin spice cookies too -- sounds like a good idea!

Leslie said...

Oh, what a lot of happy pictures you have shared. I like how you got close ups of the animals. Sweet! I wake up every morning to a herd of ducks out of my kitchen door. They quack very loudly wanting me to come out and throw seed, which I do. It always tickles me and puts a smile on my face pre-coffee which is really saying something. Blessings on your granny camp.