Sunday, May 12, 2013

Yay for Moms!

 I spoke with my dear mama this morning.  I do love her voice.  It sounds like a lovely melody.  My dad is still in the rehab center, getting strong.  She and my dear sister will be with him, watching golf on the telly, this Mother's Day.  
As you can see in the photo above, I must tidy the Wendy house.  Sam was washing dishes in the sink.  We're having a nice warm cookout for dinner.  Blue skies for Mother's Day!  Nice!
 Do you think this squirrel is a mother?  She sure goes to great lengths to get sunflower seeds.  Time for bird food.
 April and Brad have me this feeder.  Can you see Mr. Gnome's bird?  
 Jeff gave me a yellow bird.  She glows in the dark.  
 Can you see Lizzy and Sam's footprints?  Butterfly wings!
 My dear gnome-giving neighbor brought this snail watering can over yesterday.  Did you know that garden snails wear pearls?

 My friend Jennifer has chickens and her girls are laying like crazy just now!  I'm so glad she shares with me!  
 I'm making a strawberry, cucumber, and spinach salad to go with our cookout food!  I shall run to the grocery and buy more potatoes for my favorite picnic food:  potato salad.  Yum!
 Such a blue-sky day in my neighborhood!  Can you see the hills (mountains) in the distance?  Soon the leaves on the maple trees will show themselves and we're hoping the cold didn't halt our fruit tree blooms.  My peonies are shooting up!  Happiness!
I DO love being a mother.  My own mother showed me how to do it.  I am so proud of our kids and I like their ways.  They are smart, they care for others, they pay attention, and they love Jesus.  
All women have the gifts to be mothers.  I know women who do not have children, but they are full of sweet mothering characteristics and they bless others with love.


TexWisGirl said...

hope you have a wonderful day. :) your snail can made me smile. :)

Lynn said...

Happy Mother's Day to my dear friend :)

Lisa Richards said...

Happy Mother's Day, Pom! My oldest step-son, the one who lives just north of you in Longmont, called and told us he was picking up the tab for Mother's Day dinner. He included my daughter and her family. Isn't he thoughtful? We had Mother's Day yesterday because I work today. I am blessed with wonderful children, just like you! :) Have a great day. I, too, love your snail watering can!

magsmcc said...

And then there are the mothers who blog their motherly love across continents- Happy Mothering Day, PP x

Anonymous said...

Happy Mother's Day to one of THE loveliest Mothers I know! :D I love coming to visit you, dearest PP. xxxx

Elizabethd said...

Happy Mothers Day Pom Pom! Enjoy your strawberries.

Tassell, Tea pot, and life down under said...

Wow you are loved PomPom. Happy Mother's Day.

Enjoy your cookout and strawberry salad with cucumber?

Hmmm I must try that.

Farm Girl said...

As always it is a bit of refreshment to stop by and visit. Have a wonderful week Pom Pom.

no spring chicken said...

... as I was reading through your post and looking at the pictures I thought how wonderful it would be to have you for a grandma. Everywhere you look is something to delight the young imagination! A belated Happy Mother's day to you. :)

Blessings, Debbie

Sara said...

Hello Podso, happy Monday to you. I so love your Mother's Day post here; it's so positive and full of fun and delight. Potato salad is my favorite picnic food too.

Snoopys typerwriter is certainly bright magenta in your blog background! What a color-loving dog he must be!

wayside wanderer said...

Happy Mother's Day...a day late. Your cute snail watering can made me laugh. Love it!

Thistle Cove Farm said...

happy mother's day Karen; hope it was wonderful!

debbie bailey said...

I didn't know garden snails wear pearls, but I'm glad to find that out! What sweet gifts your children gave you. Is it possible that all the snow is over now?