Monday, July 16, 2012

Lizard Eye

 Hello July morning!  You're cool! Yes, the attic fan is pumping in the cool morning air.  The sun will soon beat down, so I'm welcoming the cold on my itchy face and arms.  I am allergic to certain sunscreens and I even break out in hives when I hug people who are wearing sunscreen! 
 I joined an art journaling site, so I am trying to create a page.  Trying.
 Jeff's tomatoes are ripening and we ate a slice on our hamburgers last night.  I need to quit eating hamburgers because other than exercise class, I've been immobile.  Reading, knitting, napping, sitting at the  movie (Brave) with Kelli and the girls.  I also ate "too many handfuls to count" of licorice jelly beans yesterday and popcorn and Coke at the movies.   I'm over fueling my sloth-like body.  Yikes.
But . . . I DO look pretty cute in my yellow tutu swimsuit, don't I?  Yeah, about that tutu cover up that I promised and was too expensive to buy.  Sorry about that.  I hate the swimsuit I bought last year.  It doesn't fit right and doesn't support.  It's going in the "give away" bag.  The other cute swimsuit I bought doesn't fit on top so Jenny has it and it looks darling on her pregnant body.  Enough about swimsuits. Blech!
 I'm having a minor eye surgery today.  I have a warty thing on my eyelid that I've had forever, but I am finally getting around to having it clipped off.  I might have some bruising, the doctor said.  I'm trying not to think about a sharp instrument messing around so close to my eye in a few hours.  

 Anyway.  Next week Bill and I will be here.  My homeland.  These are the foothills I saw every morning when I was a child.
 I will see my mama and my papa.  I can't wait to lay eyes on them.  They are beautiful.   Look at my pink mother!
 Bill will leave to come back to Denver and I'll go on to a little island to spend some time with my parents and my two brothers and two sisters and their spouses.  FUN!  Kelli and Jenny are flying up with their families and staying nearby, so I can play on the rocky beach with four of our granddaughters.  
 My brother will cook up crab, fresh from the sea.  

 In Poetry magazine, Mary Ruefle refers to "I Remember, I Remember" by Thomas Hood (1789-1845 London/England).  She writes a bit of commentary, some of it quite funny:
"I remember when I graduated college, we were asked to submit exactly how we wanted our names to appear on our diplomas, and I spelled my middle name (which is Lorraine) Low Rain, because the day before I had been reading W. S. Merwin's new book and in it was some kind of brief Japanese thing along the lines of "Low Rain, Roof Fell."
I remember when my parents saw my diploma, they were horrified and kept asking me how I could have done such a thing, after they paid for my education and all."'

That made me laugh!  The original poem is thought provoking.  You should look it up.
What do you remember about your summer youth?  I remember wearing jeans with elastic in the back and hooded grey sweatshirts.  I remember feeling cross because my hands were sticky (I'm a compulsive hand washer even now which is why my hands look borderline witchy).  I remember how an old quilt smelled as it cushioned me from the rocks on that same island beach.  I remember relatives coming to share supper and I remember not really liking some of them.  I remember walks down the beach on my tired little legs and wishing my mother would just carry me. I remember my protruding belly, snuggly covered by a stretchy polyester swimsuit.  I remember patting that tummy and not minding that it was sticking out. 
I'm not packing a swimsuit for this visit, because remember, I'm giving it away.  Smile.

 While you are thinking of childhood summer memories, here are some cosmos for you.  It's cosmos time again.  Gold finches and chickadees are zooming in for landings, looking glorious and tiny.
Five weeks remain until I go back here.  I've been reading through our new textbook, but that's as far as I've gotten with school year planning.  Five weeks from now is an age away, right?  Right.
I'm off to take my lizard-y eyelid to the doctor. I might have to lay low for the rest of the day.  More sluggish behavior.  
Thank you so much for reading to the bottom of this post.  I'm smiling at you.


Charlotte said...

I am just like you when it comes to 'moving around'. I spend too much time in my recliner either on the web or crocheting. But I like it! Have a great time at Mama's.

Lynn said...

Hi :)
Five weeks is most definitely an age.
Rest up after surgery.
Love ya.

Farm Girl said...

You are so cute. I know your eye will be good as new soon. My husband has had three of those surgeries.
I think your vacation sound like bliss. I am so glad you get to go visit your family.
I love your description of your little baby self. It is so cute.
I like your lizard picture by the way.
Have a nice day and rest lots.

TexWisGirl said...

good luck with the eye surgery!

wayside wanderer said...

Whispering a prayer for your procedure to go well and for you to have peace. Blessings!

debbie bailey said...

I'm done with swimsuits! If I want to get wet, I'll wear a tee and shorts. I hope you don't look like Mr. Lizard when you get through with your surgery!

Have a wonderful time with your parents. It's such a comfort to 'go home again' isn't it? I'm going to my parents in a few weeks for one last river float.

M.K. said...

Oh, I'm eager for your vacation, b/c I want to see all that you see, and eat all the fun things you eat, vicariously of course :) I hope your eye procedure goes smoothly. It's nice to get those things behind us- they are so annoying! I've given up on bathing suits, basically. I get suits that are really shorts and a tank top, just in a "swimming" fabric, you know? I did like the site you linked to on pinterest with the cute suits. Did you ever get one of those?

ann said...

All I know is that your posts always bring a smile to my face--that is until I read 5 weeks until school starts. Oh my, where has the summer gone. I actually have 7 weeks; if I am I correct, we start Aug. 27. I will have 3 preps this time around, all courses I love to teach. Anyway. Childhood summers. In 5th grade I got a yellow horse. I called her Sunny. We joined the Lakewood Westernaires. In 9th grade I got a grand steed Sailor. I spend my summer days on the back of my horse. At the end of a long day of riding, I'd go for a swim in our pond. Oh for the good old days. You are so lucky to be able to see your parents. Have wonderful time.

Cheryl said...

Hope your eye isn't too sore. I really enjoyed your pictures, your pink mama looks beautiful, and the grandchildren will love the rocky beach. x

Susan B said...

I hope your eye surgery went well! You definitely are supposed to rest after surgery...that IS enjoy it. ;) I hope you enjoy the visit with your family. It looks like a beautiful place. Your mother looks pretty in pink. Just take one day at a time and enjoy each moment of your next five weeks, and have fun! :)

Lisa Richards said...

So, which art journaling site did you join? I love the page you made, but don't let them change your style, okay? You're an original, and it seems like so many journalers end up doing the same thing as everyone else.
I was just wondering when you would next visit that beautiful island and your parents! I'm ready for some photos!
I'm thinking five weeks 'til school doesn't sound like a lot of time. I'll start nursing classes about the same time. But we'll pretend it's a long way off! ;)
Where do you find your cute blog backgrounds? You sure are finding lots of good ones.
I have the most good childhood memories when I was about 10-12 years of age when I spent most of my time riding my little white horse all around the little town I lived in. The town was called Hygiene, Colorado! It gave me such a feeling of freedom to just wander about freely. I probably wasn't supposed to be riding when my parents were at work, but I did sometimes, hee, hee!
This is getting too long! Sorry!
Hope your eye heals quickly!

Betty said...

hope your eye surgery is painless and heals fast. Have a wonderful time with your family. Childhood memories? I might dig out a few photos - bringing home seaweed to granny's cottage and hanging it up to tell the weather by. Rock pools and pebble beaches.

Catherine said...

Hello Lizard Eye Low Rain...NOT! Good on is quite easy to put off doing such things isn't it. At least it wasn't you eye ball!! I know you'll have a lovely time with your family. You have a sweet, crabby , ocean connection don't you. Thanks for being frank about your girlhood memories..most refreshing. I remember not liking cold water...ever & especially hating chlorine in the swimming baths..I didn't much like sand in my togs or sunburn perhaps I'll just give my togs away too!! Isn't cosmos cherry. Keep having naps won't you...they're nice & you deserve them : ) Love Katie x0x0x

A tale from toadstool house said...

Hello lovely Pom pom,I hope your eye surgery went well? Your mom sure does look lovely and hope you have a wonderful time visiting them both.Love the angel you drew,I have angels all over my home as well as toadstools;) lol
I'm done with swimsuits too,yuk!I also sit far too much since learning crochet,think thats why I hate swimsuits soooo much!Happy week,lots of love juliexxx

Left-Handed Housewife said...

Hope all went well with the eye surgery and that you're receiving excellent aftercare that includes plenty of chocolate (throw all the swimsuits away, that's my motto!).

Mostly when I think of the summers of my childhood I think of the smell of chlorine and the sound of cicadas, plus lazy mornings spent reading in bed.


Janette@Janette's Sage said...

Oh I am laughing about the bathing suit, I finally bought one this year and got into it after over 8 years of not wearing one. My son didn't know I could even swim...sad, since he doesn't care how I look, he just wants to I am playing in the pool.

Oh your time away just sounds heavenly..and yes, all those childhood memories of summers...they just refresh the soul.

Blessings on your surgery...and yes planning on the next school year here also, I think I will wait to the first of August to really kick my planning in gear...another year of 1st grade, but the last time to do it so I am going to enjoy

Have humor lights up my day

Attic Clutter said...

HI Pom
cute pink background ..lizard too (:) yellow tutu suit ..hehe
ya I will take my bucket one of these days off to search for the perfect river rocks--for the planter (I still need to buy -and the cement ) ..(:) hugs. enjoy the classroom you have too..patty

Gumbo Lily said...

Fresh tomatoes on hamburgers is The Best! Lucky you. Mine are small and green.

I hope all is well with your eye. Do tell us how it went when you feel up to it.

Summer memories: every day at the swimming pool, blue Mr. Freeze Pops, riding bikes, bologna sandwiches, running through the sprinkler, Mom's petunias and zinnias.

Happy Home-going!

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Have a fabulous time, enjoy every single moment! I loved this post, the photos, the "feel"'s Summer! I had a tomato sammach tonight for was lovely.

Floss said...

Oh, you must have had your op now! I'm sure it all went well, because you're sweetly commenting on my blog again...

In answer to your question, the Willows are not with me yet although Dormouse did say her husband would send them on. If they come to us within the next three days they will be able to join us on a three-week tour of Italy! Wouldn't that be an exciting addition to their itinerary? However, if they take longer than that, they will have to wait in their packing until I get back... I do hope they make it on time!

theshepherdshouse said...

Smiling at you too! I had to laugh at the changing of the spelling of the middle name. Too cute! I remember in elementary school, my sister started writing a different name on her papers ~ she like Susan better I guess! Hope your eye is doing well...and that you have the most wonderful time with your family! Hopefully the weather will be beautiful for you!


Nancy McCarroll - Arts, Crafts and Favorites said...

Thank you for introducing me to Elizabeth Goudge; am half way through my first read with her.

And where is your homeland?

Wonderful pictures! Hope the eye is doing nicely and you found a swimsuit by now.

Kit said...

Have a lovely trip! And I hope your eyelid is healing nicely. Kit

Kerri said...

You are so adorable! Have a lovely time with your family x x