Friday, December 16, 2011

Happy Christmas Thinking

 Woo hoo! This is my last day of school and now I have a two week stay at home!  Yippee!  We are supposed to wear ugly sweaters today, but I think it's kind of a mean idea, don't you?  Why make fun of Christmas sweaters?  I don't get it. I'd wear my Santa hat but it would make me very hot.  I think I'll just put some wacky ponytails in my hair and wear the Santa suit jacket.  Done.
 We've been listening to The Nutcracker.  Have you ever been to the ballet?  It's lovely. 

 Today Bill is going to be our guest speaker.  He's going to tell my students about kids all over the world.  Yahoo!  After that (well, between class periods) I'm in charge of a birthday lunch for one of the teachers, so I have to set the tables and make the salad.  Busy! It's fun to sit around the table with people.
Soon I'll be holed up in our mouse house and I can't WAIT!  Oh, there are many things to do, but I won't think about them just now.  Let's live in the moment.  The moment is good.
I wish you orangey whiffs and long drinks of hot tea!  Maybe you could hold hands with someone wearing red mittens or smooch another someone under the mistletoe, which reminds me that I need to buy some!  Bill is exercising to "Let it Snow" right now and I hope it does very soon!  Candy canes all around!


no spring chicken said...

My friend's church is having an ugly Christmas sweater contest. Define ugly... I kinda wish I were gonna be there to see what people come up with. Maybe I could hang around and ask for them when they are done. Seeing as they are obviously not properly appreciated... :)

Jayne said...

What a lovely read, I'm starting to feel all Christmassy and festive now. I broke up from work yesterday - it's a good feeling isn't it!

wayside wanderer said...

Happy, happy last day of school, Pom Pom. Wish I could be there to hear Bill's talk. That is really sweet. What a CUTE mouse house and I wish you many Christmassy mouse house days ahead.

Elizabethd said...

I could understand wearing lovely sweaters, but why ugly??

April said...

I like your Santa hat. Happy last day! I hope you have a relaxing break. We are thinking of you and loving you up here in FoCo!

Farm Girl said...

It sounds like a nice day. I am so glad you will be off two lovely weeks.
Have a great time, Oh and I love the hat!

A garden just outside Venice said...

You're so cute!!!
Enjoy your 2 weeks off from work!
Michela x

Gumbo Lily said...

You look CUTE in your Santa hat! Happy, happy home days!!! I wish you many warm cups of tea and cocoa, a yummy cookie here and there, books to read, hands to hold, and bodies to squeeze on! It's gonna be wonderful!

The sun is shining here and it's going to be warm this weekend. No snow left.


Sherry from Alabama said...

What fun! It looks like you live in the land of "The Wind in the Willows."

I've enjoyed helping with Christmas crafts in the kindergarten class where I volunteer. Those precious little smiles make me forget all the chores waiting on me at home. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas season!

Sherry @ A Happy Valentine

Betty said...

I like your mouse house. It's my youngest boys last day of term today - yippee - I love to have everyone home. We had snow today - just some fluffy melty stuff, but it's a start!

Kerri said...

I love how Christmas is different around the world. We'll probably go to the beach! I am so glad you have some time off from school too. My holidays start in less than a week and I'm very excited!

ann said...

I bet you are glad to have a break. You students are certainly blessed to have such a cheerful, funny, imaginative teacher who makes learning so much fun. I agree, why wear an ugly sweater. Seems rather unChristmas to me. Enjoy your break. Rest and have fun--as I know you will.

Carolyn Phillips said...

It was end of term here yesterday as well. Hope you have a wonderful few weeks.

Gigi said...

Oh Happy Christmas Break to you! Isn't it wonderful?! That little mouse house and family are adorable as is Little Miss in the Santa hat -- love it -- quite flattering on you too of course! We went to a last minute party last night, and I whined to Mr. about having dirty hair as I was getting ready to go. He said I should wear a hat (sardonic wit abounds ;), and I almost did wear my red Elf Hat but chickened out at the last minute -- shoulda gone for it methinks ;).
Merry Christmas to you & yours!

Alex Lynn-Smith said...

Heehee PomPom, that was definitely a holiday post! So happy. Enjoy your time in your Mouse House. I have just received a boy and a girl 'Maileg' Mouse: an early Christmas present from me to me!
They made me squeeeek ! with delight - so cute.
PomPom, your blog is so joyful its infectious!I love how you refer to your story world a LOT. A highly imaginative lady, you are.
Have a lovely time.

Pom Pom said...

Thank you, Alex Lynn-Smith!
I bought myself a matchbox mouse last year!
My new thing = toadstools!
Thank you so much for visiting!

Shey said...

I love your Santa hat!! It's zoo cute, I'm definitely ready to enjoy my 2 weeks off, although I just remembered that one of my kids gave me a poinsetta plant for Christmas and I forgot it at school. =( Hopefully the custodians will let me in if they are still working next week. =(

Alex Lynn Smith said...

Its a pleasure to visit you.
Now toadstools..they are also high on my list! The scandinavians use them a lot ( red spotty ones) as Christmas decs. I have a little bunch on wires, which I will stick into a little arrangement with real green moss to set them off.
( Mrs. Perfectionist talking there...I probably won't have time!

The dB family said...

Bub has an ugly sweater, but I had to make it "ugly". I actually quite like it as it is wool and very warm. I wore it for our GEMS Christmas night.

I love your Santa hat and the mouse house too!