Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Happy Thoughts

Do you know about Richard Scarry? I found his enchanting artwork when I was thirteen years old. I was babysitting a neighbor's three year old and when it was time for bed and reading stories, Sally reached for one of his books. I fell in love. Busy Town was full of activity, cute animals, hidden Gold Bugs, tiny cars, and houses full of domestic bliss. This is my kind of happy.

See what I mean? Don't you LOVE the pig in the cozy bed? The horse sporting a snazzy blanket? The GOAT? Oh, I want to scratch the kitty's ears as she snoozes in the laundry basket.

Knock on the pink door. This bunny family will welcome you into their happy home!

Adorable (and a sweet reminder of Fairy Land!)

Oh no! A bunny toothache!
I've had some "Granny injuries" this week. I loved holding my little muppet, Aria, on Sunday. My granny arm is pain prone, however.
Over ten years ago, I broke my collar bone at the water slide park and the muscle in my arm near the break often hurts. Oh, and then I have a "ruby slippers" related injury, too. Somehow when I wear my ruby slippers my knee gets irritated. I'm on the mend though, thanks to my rubber shoes and my wrist brace (which somehow helps my arm pain, weird!).
Isn't the human body amazing? The kids at school thought my wrist brace was funny considering my granny injury.
Tonight is parent/teacher conferences. Tomorrow, too.
I like talking to my students' parents. The bonus: Friday off!
Woo hoo!
I'm looking out at the prettiest pink and blue sky. Gumbo Lily has pretty sky, too. She's lambing now and it's cold up there. Her link is on my sidebar. Go there and read her post today. You'll be very blessed.
Blessings to you ALL around. Richard Scarry's artwork is one of my happy thoughts and I wish you many sweet happy thoughts, too.
May we all soar and smile today.


Betty said...

Hi Pom Pom, I was soaring and smiling a lot on my allotment today - I dug lots and turned around surprised at how much I had covered - that was the soaring feeling! and a lot of smiles because I met a man who keeps chickens and he told me all about them, very interesting - might have some one day but meantime I am encouraged to feed his with all slugs and wire worms and creepy crawlies that I dig up chickens hum and coo to each other, I like it. Bettyx

wayside wanderer said...

Friday off! Yay! When my kids were little I remember taking them to Busy Town at the science museum. They had a BALL! Such imagination is inspiring, isn't it? Hope all your conferences go well and I pray those parents recognize and appreciate the gift you are to their children.

Elizabethd said...

My children loved the Richard Scarry books too.

GretchenJoanna said...

I read so much Richard Scarry to the children over 20+ years! I only wished so many disasters weren't always happening in those books....such destruction of property, paint spilling, vegetables spilling....but at least no human violence. :-) My favorite character is definitely Lowly Worm. He is a dear.

Gumbo Lily said...

Dear Pommie Granny (hey, that almost sounds like a fruit!).....

I love, love, love Richard Scarry books. We read gobs of them to the kids when they were little and I think we wore out most of them. I need to replenish my granny book stash with more of them. Did you remember the Manners book? "Manners make you nice to know," was the line at the end of the book.

Hooray for Friday Off! Enjoy your time (I know you will).

Jody Gram

magsmcc said...

We have a pop-up Busy Town that makes us all smile and long to be post people! Stay well!

M.K. said...

Love his art :) I especially adore his bunnies - aren't they sweet? I had his books as a child, and my kids enjoyed his videos when they were little.

The dB family said...

I adore Richard Scary! I've loved his artwork as long as I can remember. Enjoy your day off! Praying the P-T interviews go well!


Anonymous said...

Good old Richard Scarry! My kids loved the books too, happy memories! :) I hope you heal up all over and enjoy your special day off! xx

Gigi said...

Love his illustrations -- so dear!
So sorry to hear you're suffering aches and pains! Please feel better soon, Pom.

Gigi said...

p.s. Love your pretty new header! And please, may we see your ruby slippers. I just returned some red velvet ballet flats with red rhinestones on them, as they didn't fit ;(. Where did you find yours -- if you don't mind sharing?
More hearts ;),

CollectIn Texas Gal said...

Oh yes, I know about GrannyInjury brought on by hauling around those GrannyLoves. I switch hips and arms alot or just sit and rock. Today I sat in the dirt and my little helper sat there and helped. I planted tomatoes and he helped water.

Hope you are better soon...a day off will be wonderful! Your bloggy looks so warm and inviting. Pretty Pretty! Have a nice long weekend!

libbyquilter said...

good morning Pom Pom~!

love the sweet bunny standing out of the rain underneath the mushroom~!

so sweet to see the innocence portrayed within the art of children's books.

thank you for sharing and have a fabulous extra long weekend.


Kerri said...

Dear Mr Scarry. I always liked how the worm wears a little hat while he drives his car. I adore the little bunny under the toadstool x x

debbie bailey said...

Busy Town was a favorite of my sons. Our copy is falling apart!