Saturday, October 9, 2010

A Little Chatter

Hello fine friends! Remember last spring when I was reading Making Crosses? I hung this cross in the kitchen and I still enjoy it very much and now I am enjoying Praying the Names of Jesus by Ann Spangler (thank you, Bill!) I recommend, I definitely recommend. As we enter the holiday season (soon, right?) I like to think about Easter, thus the photo of my sweater cross above. I also wanted to share a web site with you that will afford you some quiet moments. Here's the link:

Thank you for following along as I do my regular hip hop around and zig- zag your brain a bit.

Last October doesn't seem like a year ago, but Birdie was a year younger! Look at her pumpkin and her silly Uncle Jeff. The leaves are changing. I'll take some pictures of our leafy neighborhood today or tomorrow and serve up ginger cookies, too. Come by then.

It's always spooky in the science room at school.
Speaking of school, I went to the all-school dance last night. The dean of students was the disc jockey. She did a fantastic job - the kids danced and played and HAD FUN. YEA!

A sixth grade boy asked my friend to dance! Sixth graders love their teachers, eighth grade teachers have to fight hard for that kind of love!

Why don't you put on some music today and shake a tail feather? You really should.

Let's step outside, okay?
The garden still has some hardy growth.
The hollyhocks!

Sometimes we have snow in early September and all the summer flowers wilt and give up the ghost. This year, we have an Indian summer. Never have my morning glories been so glorious and never have I had nasturtiums thriving, reaching, and glowing red-orange as I do this year.

And here's a rose for my grandmother Evelyn Rose, my Jenny Rose, my Samantha Rose, and for tiny Millie Rose who will arrive in December! You take one, too. You are also a sweet rose.

For you: a smile, a kiss, a warm cup of tea, an October stroll, a big HUG, and a thank you, because I feel connected to YOU.


Elizabethd said...

Hollyhocks still! They have all gone here. I do love Morning glories too, but of course, they are so short lived.

wayside wanderer said...

"Shake a tail feather" That made me giggle. I am so glad you still have such beautiful posies to enjoy. What beauties! I think a school dance would be fun. Our homeschool homecoming is tonight and my oldest daughter is going. Should be fun.

Anonymous said...

Those roses are beautiful! I love the colour of them...just perfect! xxx

magsmcc said...

Oh Pom Pet, this is so you! Tea and a stroll- we did just this today in the mistful, wistful, mellow countryside and then our favourite hotel for tea and crackers snuggled in big leather seats! Love to you too! I'm very grateful for the recommendations on reading- since yesterday I've been feeling the need to bed down into the Autumn/Winter with some proper study. It's been too long! Can't blame small babies any longer!

Anonymous said...

Saturday greetings Pom Pom ~

Such lovely flowers at your house! I have never had nasturtiums but I think I need to get some!

Looking forward to coming by again to see the leaves and have a ginger cookie ~ yum!


Gumbo Lily said...

Fun to see the Halloween-y stuff coming out. I especially liked Old Skelly the Skeleton.

We have not had a hard frost yet and so a few of the flowers are still blooming. Your nasturtiums are amazing! The hollys and roses too. Thank you for the rose. It was nice of you to share.

I just came in from my cloudy-cool afternoon walk. It was exhilarating. Now time for a bowl of chili with my family.


debbie bailey said...

I have flower envy right now! It's too hot here for hollyhocks, but I have fond memories of them from my grandma's garden in Tennessee.

We do have morning glories. They're the bane of farmers around here. They grow wild everywhere. One morning I counted about six different kinds on my walk down the dirt road. There are tiny white ones as well as huge purple ones. I love them!

I'd love to be able to sit down with you and have tea and ginger cookies. The next time I make some, I'll think of you.

Brad M said...

Middle school dance! What times that must have been. Time really does fly right by, eh? Love you tons!

Mrs Yappy Dog said...

I love the cross you made, it's such a beautiful and powerful way to display your faith. xxx

melanie said...

Your cross is lovely Pom Pom, very lovely indeed :) xxxx

Green thumb said...

I love visiting you, I feel welcome at anytime by your wonderful words!

CollectIn Texas Gal said...

I am so comforted by your precious words this Sunday morning and feel your prayers. I know in my heart that Stacy is basking in the light and arms of the Shepherd. Your post is full of you and joy...thank-you for the uplifting of my saddened heart and soul....Sue

Left-Handed Housewife said...

My Morning Glories are also having a lovely fall. I love sixth graders. I'm on a trip right now visiting schools, and today I had sweet sixth graders. Tomorrow, eighth graders. Help! Eighth graders in the fall can actually be really cool. In the spring? Forgidda about it!