Sunday, May 30, 2010

First Flowers and Flower Girls

I had a couple of little sprites in the garden today. They wore dresses.

Miss Bug is wearing an old dress that belonged to my mother-in-law when SHE was a baby. I came upon it this morning when I "thought" about tidying a drawer. Doesn't Miss Bug look like a little cupcake in it?

Look at that high kick! Birdie and I had some quiet time in the family room while Miss Bug took her nap in Grampy's office. We played and ate gold fish crackers and popcorn. We watched The Princess and the Frog. But MOST of the day, Birdie busied herself outdoors.

A lone gray dove watched us.

In the wagon, out of the wagon. "Granny, pull it fast!"

What was I thinking? It's going to take me DAYS to plant all the yellow snapdragons and the taller pink snapdragons.

Digging and raking up the dirt, pouring water in the holes, gently placing the plants in the earth - it's FUN! I planted the wildflower seeds Libby Q sent me. I put morning glory seeds near the rock wall. I had a daisy looking zinnia package and I poked holes in the dirt and dropped the seeds in, one by one. I found yellow petunias and now I must say that this summer is going to be yellow. Oh, I love home. Tomorrow, all the kids and grandchildren are coming for lunch. We'll fill the blue pool, grill burgers, eat lemon cake and say a big, "Hey, Summer! Come on over to our house!"

And one more thing to mention in a quiet, respectful voice . . . thank you to all the soldiers.


Natural esSCENTials said...

What cute little sprites that flew by to greet your garden (: I'm sure it was because of all the lovely the wonderful company (:

I hope you and your family have a lovely Memorial Day! Sounds like it will be a busy one!


Mrs Yappy Dog said...

Yes, tbankyou to all our soldiers too. We feel very supportive of our troops and clearly you do too. I remember when we were last in Florida at Seaworld they mentioned the soldiers before the show and everyone with a soldier in the family stood up. It was lovely to have that moment. We don't do that in the uk in public events, wish we did (football matches for example). Enjoy your day. I love snap dragons by the way and have some planted out front.

melanie said...

What darling little sprites, very cute indeed. your garden is looking so very pretty Pom Pom. :) xxx

Firefly said...

What fun! Happy Summer Days to you Pom!

Vicki said...

Hello, dear PomPom,
Your two little sprites are the sweetest, so full of life and fun!! Enjoy your time in your lovely garden and with your wonderful family~ Love and blessings~ Vicki

Bradley Maston said...

Lovely flowers and a lovely time today! thank you for making it all so wonderful!

xoxo brad

The dB family said...

Your gardens will look beautiful, I know it!! Especially with those darling little sprites of yours flitting through!


Green thumb said...

Hi PomPom, hope you're ok! Love your garden! xxx