Friday, September 22, 2017

Nature Journal and Finish for the Weekend

Happy FALL!  I read somewhere that fall is the knitters season and I think it's true!  When the weather cools we can bundle up in wool makings.
Noah's birthday was fun!  He's one!

My birthday is Monday and I have received many early gifts.  I love this Willow Tree figurine that Jenny gave me.  TIM! 

 The grands have been waving the butterfly net around.  Speedy painted ladies! 

 Last Saturday we got to see these precious ones.  We saw all 11 grands last Saturday!
 I pulled out the zucchini plants and picked some flowers.
 Plum's birthday is today!  We went to the American Girl store on Wednesday.  Isn't the new American Girl doll pretty?
 I made her try on her sweater (it was still damp from the blocking process).  CUTE little birthday girl! 
 Noah's birthday dinner was on Wednesday night.  
 This is my Finish for the Weekend this week!  Noah's birthday socks!  

 Today is our first nature journal day (Marcie and I and maybe YOU!)  Let me know if you posted a nature journal entry today and I'll add your link at the bottom.  

 I have a busy weekend over at Kelli's house.  Our renovations are going so well.  Almost done!  I'll take pictures when the furniture is in, the shower curtain is hung, and the window curtains are up!  It's so clean and fresh!
I hope you are happy that another lovely season is upon us.  I wish you snugness.