Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Post Easter and Some News

 Bill "hid" the confetti eggs for the girls.  This particular part of Easter lunch was over in a flash!  All the grown ups had a good bit of confetti in their hair.

 Plum Cake spent a good bit of time in the Wendy house.

 Strawberries look good in blue, don't they?

 The Easter gowns were glorious.  Birdie didn't like the "itch" so she remedied it with a t-shirt.  Funny!

 Tea is now being served at Plum Cake's Cafe.
 Jenny took a spin around the driveway.

 Granny must figure out a better way to prepare food, because by the time the meal was over, I was out of steam.  Wimp!  Oh well!  It was a good day and Birdie gave me her empty tomb craft.  Sweet.
After a lot of consideration, Bill and I have decided that I am finished with classroom teaching.  It has been a full and rewarding ten years, but Pom Pom is returning home.  I'll help Bill with a bit of his work and I'll help with the grands, too!  I feel extremely peaceful and I am enjoying each last day with my current students.  

I hope you have a happy, blue-sky day!
Thank you for popping by!