Thursday, September 3, 2015

Kids, a Cat, Pickles, and Ginger Cookies

 We're getting back into the fall routine little by little.  On Tuesdays Millie Rose comes to our house while her sisters go to their evening music lesson.  By this time of the day I'm not firing on all of my pistons (sp?) so we lie on the couch (and I take mini-naps) until Mommy comes back.
 Bill's still in Australia so I had to go to church alone.  When I arrived I was happy to see these two cherubs!  Now, try not to be jealous of Plum's shoes.  They do not make them in adult sizes. Sad.

Plum Cake is DEFINITELY going to be a reader.  She doesn't like her Sunday school class so she sits in the sanctuary with us.  She's so GOOD!  

 Samantha Rose is very interested in gardening.  She had fun picking marigolds the other day.  There are SO many marigolds.

I'm so pleased that our oldest son and his wife have chickens and now Jenny and Scott have them, too.  Elsa and Ana (ha!) are laying now!  Look at Plum!  Picking up chickens!

 Brad and April are tea drinkers and Brad is VERY interested in all aspects of tea.  Do you think CB likes having her picture taken while she enjoys the tea ceremony?  How about Finn?
 I am in love with Scout the kitten.  James loves her, too.  Sometimes he's a little rough with her and when this happens he has to go to "time out" in his crib for one minute.  
 I love cats and I don't have one.  Sad.  I can't resist kissing Scout on the head and cuddling with her.  She's so soft.  Just like a bunny.
I had fun at James's house on Saturday night.  His parents went to a quinceanera so we played and played.

I love it when our girls are here.  Kelli asked, "Are you taking our picture because we are grooming Birdie like a monkey?"  Ha!  No!  I just like the way they look together.

Millie started preschool again!  She had a great day.  At first she was hesitant because her teacher has a British accent, but when she arrived at school she hugged the teacher so that's sorted.
Kelli had a dentist appointment downtown so I had swim class duty.  It was so fun watching the girls romp in the water like little fish.  I liked talking to the moms, too.  One mom was crafting Denver Bronco headbands to sell.  She was so cute, sitting there multi-tasking.  I may have done that once.
And because I know you'll give me an "atta girl" I present to you two jars of pickles for 2015.  Sadness.  My cucumber bed isn't a champion this year, but I'll just pickle little by little and I should have enough refrigerator pickles for our Jeff.  He made some, too.  Yesterday when I decided that today was a pickle day I texted my friend Kim from My Field of Dreams because she has supported me in my pickle making before.  Sure enough, she is a quick responder and emailed me the primo recipe right away!  Thanks, good Kim!
My friend Mags (fraise) inspired me to make some ginger cookies (all the way in Belfast - she was able to spur me on and get me baking!)  Ginger cookies are good because they are simple (simple ingredients) and they aren't so delicious that I must eat five at a time.  With ginger cookies my eating remains ordered.  This is a good thing.

I've been fighting a cough/cold thing and I think today I am finally on the mend.  I MIGHT do a little (ahem!) WORK. I have many weeds and wild morning glories to remove from the front garden.  It's one of those projects that must be done in small amounts of time.  The cat mint went crazy. We've got to get rid of ALL of it.  Bill will have to help because it's strong-man work.  
I am going to make fried rice for lunch, cook some little zucchinis and dump a whole lot of soy sauce on it.  YUM!
I had Trader Joe's bread pudding for breakfast.  Wow!  It's good.  I think I'll serve it at book club next week.
Thank you for popping by, dear and nice human.
I might overcome my knitting/shawl anxiety and knit 100 rows, too.