Wednesday, October 29, 2014


 We're home!  I am not feeling the jet lag YET.  Yay!  Taiwan was WONDERFUL!  It was wonderful because of the Taiwanese people.  Everything in Asia (I've been to several Asian countries) is DIFFERENT.  I found myself trying to find my rhythm throughout the trip! The goodie above is shaved ice with mangos.  YUMMY!  We had to go deep into downtown Taipei to find it.

 We had dinner with our friend Yiping's family.  Her sister has the cutest baby boy!  As you can see I can't take my eyes off of him.  I was having a seriously bad hair day.  Sorry.
 Yiping's dad made us some glorious fish!  
 This quote was on our hotel wall.  I like it.
 Another sweet friend named Leah showed me around downtown on another day.  Ten years ago she went to camp and our Jeff was the speaker (he flew all the way to Taiwan by himself when he was a senior in high school).  She began her journey with Jesus that week and then last week, I met her and she showed me around.  We ate in an alley noodle shop and then went to buy cool Asian notebooks.
 Here's Bill speaking at the training Yiping put together.
 My pictures are out of order, but here you can see famous dumplings.  They were delicious!
 We went to a harbor market and I really should have bought one of these tea travel mugs.  I hadn't figured out the money yet.  
 I spied a spotty mug!  (Two weeks ago, my book club ladies commented on all the spotty things in our house!)
 Lots of fresh seafood abounds in Taiwan.  I'm not particularly attracted to sea cucumbers.
 They water was wavy! 
 The beachside coffee shop was lovely!
 Here is our dear Yiping.  She used to be a social worker and now she runs a ministry that aims to deepen people's walk with Jesus.  She is something else.  Even watching her for just one week I noticed a woman who KNOWS how to do friendship.  She is funny, fun, inspiring, and happy.  I love her.
 Even though I couldn't understand the Chinese worship songs, I felt included.
 Here are the dumpling makers.  It takes three years to perfect one's dumpling making skills.
 Ferry boat!  I always love riding in a boat and these open air ferries are perfect transportation!
 Our hotel was by a school and the highlight of my morning walks was seeing the children arrive on the back of their parents' scooters (there are zillions of scooters in Taipei).  The kids are ADORABLE!
 More spots!
 Here is a close up of Yiping's father's soup.  He is an amazing chef!
 Pretty crowded!  Shops under stacks of apartments.
 Fishing boats!

 The rim of the earth from the plane!
 Our walking path and a Buddhist temple.
 People live in tiny apartments.  I feel like our house is HUGE in comparison.  
 Yiping drove us over the mountains to the sea.

 Smoky volcano!

 Badger came along!  His aim is to check out homemaking and homekeeping, so he wanted to see Yiping's kitchen.  He liked her teapot.
Badger shall have his own launching post soon.  He's flying over to Belfast first.  He'll do his visiting in Europe (and maybe New Zealand and Australia again!) and finish in the states.  I have quite a few hostesses lined up!  

It's our Jenny's birthday today!  Wasn't she a sweet little girl?  Now she's a mama of two, a happy wife, and a runner.  I cherished our last baby.  I remember hugging her little pink self tightly in deep appreciation for one more child.  

I've missed you!  I'm glad to be home!
Thank you for stopping by!