Friday, February 10, 2017

Heat Wave

No, the forsythia isn't blooming yet but the weather today is balmy.  With storms in the east and cold temperatures in the northwest, it's over 70 degrees in my neck of the woods. It's tricky when we have unseasonable weather in February.  I think I will read over some of my old journals and remember that the cold is not gone for good.  Even with the toasty temps I still feel a bit hibernate-ish.  Do you?  My vitamin D levels were low at my last doctor appointment so I've been trying to stroll around outside and now they are normal again.  The truth is that I like staying indoors. With days like this I should be sunbathing but when I went outside to soak up some sun I heard my neighbors talking and noticed they were sitting outside, too.  I didn't want anyone else to be out there so I came inside.  Grinch!  

A few years ago we had an early Easter and the dresses were stunning.  Remember last year when I had the Easter dress mishap?  The sewing hit a snag and I wadded up the calico fabric and tried to move on.  I have decided to revel in memories of all the Easter dresses my mother made for us when we were happy little girls.  Fifty-eight year old women can have wonderful and victoriously joyful Easter celebrations without new threads.  (Miss Bug wore a t-shirt under her sparkles because "it itched!") 

My sweet Valentine will be in Australia so I'm meeting a friend for coffee and babysitting cutie pies on the actual heart day.  Millie Rose suggested I make heart cookies.  I might but I might not.  I really don't get a big kick out of baking anymore so how am I going to enjoy fika?  Baked goods purchased at the grocery store.  I have two small berry pies in the refrigerator.  
There are SO many flowers at the grocery store.  I could buy MANY bunches of daffodils before I have any growing in my garden.  I did buy sweet pea seeds and poppy seeds, too!
 I am finally finishing this striped sweater.  Yes!  I am knitting the sleeves at the same time so when I finish them the sweater will be done!  I think I will look a little bit like Winnie the Pooh in a striped sweater but that's okay.  
I used to wear bright colors to school because I felt like the atmosphere needed positive charging due to the angst of middle school students and middle school teachers.  I was trying to cheer MYSELF up most of all.  Ha!  Now I have been thinking about the natural colors of sheep and wondering if I should stick to those colors.  I can still pin posies on my sheep-colored clothes.  Heather from Blackberry Rambles is sending me 11 new posies from her stash.  Yippee!  
I have a bit of intestinal distress from eating cheese and sour cream (so sad that I must avoid dairy products) so I can't walk too far away from our house if you know what I mean.
I'm going back outside on the patio now. Seventy-eight (really!) degree weather shouldn't be wasted.
God be with you, sweet reader.