Sunday, December 21, 2014

Pause zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

 Here's two sugar plum fairies.  I like holiday puffs and sparkles! Not on ME, though.

 These days I LOVE the faces of our eight kids (counting the inlaws/inloves) and their kids!  

 Bill gave me an early Christmas gift.  A gnome book!  It's adorable and full of secrets that I might tell you later.

 I found out that little girls like watching "how to" videos of crafts and cake baking!  
 I am saturating our sense of smell with all kinds of Christmas scents.  

 And we have been making "not perfect" batches of colorful cookies.  The other day Jeff commented on all the sweets that are piling up around here.  He isn't a big sweet eater, but he is the one who loves the pickles I made in August.  Whew!  Somebody likes my pickles!
Kelli and Bryan's girls spent the night last night.  Here's all their baggage.  Ha ha!
Now for my Pause in Advent (don't hold your breath)

I'm tired and I don't mean sleepy tired, but just happily tired from a lot of goings on.  I do need to go out into the fray tomorrow and buy a few things (like the beef for Christmas dinner!) but I think I would like to wear my favorite outfit all day (the one pictured below).

 I don't have anything real spiritual to say (sorry!) but I do feel a constant surge of gratitude for many sweet blessings.  

I wish all of you some quiet and private moments to listen to the Creator and to feel cherished.  I hope your special holiday food tastes good and that you get a warm squeeze or two from someone you love.  I hope you help yourself to a little grace and don't try to be SUPER WOMAN.  I hope your rest at night is warm, snug and peaceful.  
Thank you for stopping by. 
Here's the Pause in Advent link.