Monday, September 15, 2014

Abundance, Peace, and Hope

 Even though we had a blast of cold, it is still summer.  Yay for summer and productive cucumber plants and one tomato plant that is doing her job.  Perfect.
 My February planting of sweet peas was counted as a loss until these strong vines appeared!  Purple sweet peas!  They showed up late!  I'm so thankful!
 Bill is the best digger ever.  He dug out all the monstrous lilies and the old iris and now the roses have some room to shine.
 It really is still summer and we will continue to sit on quilts and pillows in the evenings.  Bliss.

 Thank you, God.  Thank you for a pepper.

 And thank you for fifth grade grandnieces who come to our town to play soccer.  Yes! Our niece came down from Boulder and I met her at the game.  Don't you love her hat?  She's so good, fun to talk to, and absolutely one of my favorite people. 

 Her girls loved cooling off after the game!  CUTE!
 That evening, we went out to Kelli and Bry's house.  The mountain bluebirds are everywhere, but of course I am a bad bird photographer.  
 The neighbors have mini-horses!  I hadn't seen them, so we went right into the barn to say hello.  Aren't they cute?  

 We had to say hello to Sven, who is eating and getting fatter.  Yay!

 Here's the view from the sofa.  Miss Bug and Millie Rose came over to play while the rest of their family went to the Bronco game.  Granny sat on the sofa while they ate their lunch.

 I'm reading this for my book club.  It's wordy and crafty, too.  He did win the Nobel Prize.  Smile. 
 And James wants to say hello and let you know how much he loves his nightly bath.  He remains so calm when Christie pours warm water over him.  Aw. Babies and baths = one of life's great pleasures.
Saturday morning Grampy drove over to pick up James so that his parents could sleep in (so nice, that Grampy).  James slept for about fifteen minutes.  Ha ha!  He is a spunky baby and these two grandparents can't get enough of his goodness.  Afterwards, we all went to breakfast.  I am overwhelmed with granny love.  I think of each grandchild and I am so awed by them, individually and as a group.  I like them.  I love them.  
Every single weekday I say, "Thank you, Jesus. Thank you that I am home."
By the way, I am preparing for my routine procedure that all over fifties must endure.  You know the one?  The cleansing first and all that it entails?  Yes.  Definitely staying inside today.  
I hope this Monday finds you peaceful.  Hopeful.  Maybe your hopes aren't BIG hopes at the moment.  Maybe your hope is NOW, for this day, this gift.