Friday, October 17, 2014

Home Sweet Home

(Bringing in the storybook stuff!  A friend at book club asked, "What's with the toadstools?" I'm sure she thought they must have some sort of symbolic significance.  Nope. I just like them.)

 When I was a cleaning lady I could clean a four bedroom home in four hours.  I vacuumed and mopped the floors, cleaned the stoves, dusted the entire house, scrubbed and shined the bathrooms in that short amount of time.  Hmmm.  
I was hosting my new book club and I figured cleaning was in order.  I cleaned for much more than four hours and I realized how far behind I am in our home.  I guess my house has been crying out for a little care for about (gasp!) ten years.  It's been longer than that really.  Before I worked as a teacher I was a college student and before that I was busy with a part-time school related job and our children!  So, long ago when I cleaned four to five days a week (for others) I think I neglected our house then, too.  Oh well!  Houses are forgiving, aren't they?  A bit of paint is sometimes in order, but intense cleaning erases neglect MOST of the time.  Yay!  All this to say, it's nice living in a clean space and worth the work.  Too bad that I am borderline lazy.

I'm so thankful for our old house.  I am thankful that it's worked so well for so long.  We now have a guest room and two studies (the children all live close enough to sleep at their own homes!) and we still have a family room full of toys (for the grands!) Everyday doings are my favorite.  We're getting ready to travel to Taiwan and I'm looking forward to being with the people there, but I shall be homesick.  
Our youngest daughter quit her job and will be staying home with her girls.  I'm so thrilled for her.  She's a good little homemaker.  Now all of our "moms" are stay at home moms.  I'm happy about this.  My mama says that we can save a lot of money when we stay home and I think she's right.  
I love all the women who work, too.  I was a away-from-home worker for a long time and I know that it is hard as well as fulfilling.  I don't express my opinion as to how women spend their time because there are so many variants.  All I DO know is that I love home base right now.  Home sweet home.