Friday, November 27, 2015

Gravy for Breakfast

 The morning before the feast I had intended to bake and clean, but instead I spent and hour or two with these cutie pies.  Kelli was busy getting ready to go to the mountains and she and Bryan picked them up on their way out of town.  We zipped through the donut store drive-thru with plans to accompany our treats with hot chocolate.  The donut store was out of almost all the pretty donuts.  After hearing, "We're out of those, too!" so many times I asked, "Do you have ANY donuts?"  They had some.  Is that weird to YOU? No donuts at a store with DONUT in the name?  After our second breakfast we walked up to the park.  Don't you love the look on Miss Bug's face?  Pure glee! When I was pushing Millie Rose on the swing she threw her head back and bonked my head so hard I had to "have a moment" to sort through the pain.  Right in the sinus.  Ouch!  Miss Bug asked, "Do we need to go home?"  We didn't but I have a tender bump above my eyebrow.  
 Pie baking (only 2 and some soft rolls) took a long time.  It does.  My first pastry attempt was sorry indeed.  No more shortening for me.  When I used butter and ice water for the apple pie the pastry turned out perfectly.  All my flub ups are hidden under the pumpkin custard.  

 I forgot to tell everyone to eat slowly.  Our children's spouses ate slowly anyway.  Thank you.

 The dressing/stuffing was horrible.  I made it in the crockpot and I did follow directions but I think I should have put in more bread cubes.  I drowned it in gravy but it was very sub par.  We ate the meal, Bill cleaned up, we had pie.  It goes so quickly, this feasting.  I am not sure I want to do it the same way at Christmas.  I am putting on my thinking cap and hoping for a revelation.  My friend Kim (Field of Dreams) served hamburgers last Christmas.  Now, she does live in California where it is warmer, but I think hamburgers are a good idea.  Don't tell the kids.  We'll see.

 Here is the Dottie Angel pattern and my fabric.  Tif (Dottie Angel) calls it a frock.  I don't really wear a lot of harvest shades, so mine is going to be blue.  I will not wear ankle boots or mid-length leggings and slouchy socks with mine.  I have some blue linen wide-legged pants that I will wear under my Dottie dress.  
 Last night when Bill and I had said good bye to our two youngest kids and their families, I watched White Christmas.  I kept remembering the first time I watched it with our Brad.  He thought Danny Kaye was so funny!  Aw.  It's so sweet and the time period is so jazzy with all that nightclub action and fancy clothing.  The inn in Vermont is lovely.  Today I watched The Family Man.  Again, it's the house and family living that I like about this favorite.  Next up, While You Were Sleeping, You've Got Mail, The Holiday, and Elf.
I didn't think I savored my gravy enough yesterday so I had potatoes and gravy (and sparkling cider) for breakfast.  Tasty.
I'll be back for Pause in Advent on Sunday.  I was recovering today, so I hope that I feel very elfish tomorrow.  I think I'll put up our old tree anyway.  I think it I spend enough time bending the branches to look less crunched it'll be okay.  
More than festive, I want this December to be holy and rich with learning.  I have a lot to learn about the baby in the manger. There's always more to learn.  
I hope this Friday finds you well.  I'll be back on Sunday.