Friday, October 9, 2015

My First Five on Friday

 If you know Amy from Love Made My Home, you know that she does Five on Friday.  Today I am joining in.  First, I will tell you that I have had three coffee dates this week and I have a lunch date today.  One-on-one, across the table with friends is my favorite way to have fun.  I feel richer for having the opportunity to hear my friends' news and to gaze at their lovely faces.
Secondly, if you have lost track of Mr. Badger you need to know that he is still resting at Kezzie's and will leave her house, soar across the Atlantic and land at Lisa's (Pen and Ink) in Minnesota very soon.  From Lisa's he will tour around the USA for quite a while and then go back to Mags in Belfast.  He's a hygge kind of guy and he's been treated royally so far.

 Thank you for your dear suggestions concerning the golden yarn.  I decided on a small shawl/scarf and I am trying new ways of holding my needles.  Who knew you could teach an old dog new tricks? (That's 3 then!)
 Four:  Bill returned from Taiwan yesterday and our friend Yiping sends tea for me!  Oolong this time!  I think the way the leaves unfurl is miraculous and this tea tastes sweet, light, and real. 

5:  Halloween!  We will go up to our Brad's church on Halloween because they have an annual harvest festival.  I will dress up as a gypsy.  I am going to sew a skirt for my gypsy self and put on a lot of eye make up, make a beauty mark on my upper lip, tie a bandana around my hair, and wear my cowboy boots.  I'm ready.

Thank you for Five on Friday-ing with me, sweet readers!  If you want to meet some new bloggers (always FUN!) pop over and click around!  (BIG FRIDAY HUG!)