Monday, November 24, 2014

Already Thankful

 Samantha Rose turned 5 today!  Happy girl!
 I hung the Christmas tree fairies all over and now it's time to gather them up and plan the tree!   Have you seen the movie One True Thing?  I love the part where the ladies group (called The Minnies) decorate the Christmas trees.  The take it so seriously.  The film is one of my favorite homey delights.  It's sad, but the good parts make up for it.

 It's cold and the wind doth blow!  Tea hits the spot. I gave up cream/coffee creamer/milk because I was overdoing it.  I don't mind now and I'm really not missing it.
Our granddaughter (Cadence, the oldest) is getting baptized on Sunday, the first Sunday of Advent.  How special.  We can't wait.  Eight years ago, she was a baby like sweet James in the photo above.  James has pink cheeks and rosebud lips, doesn't he?  I like holding him and looking at his sweet face.

Tomorrow, I shall bake pies and I PRAY that it is a good day for pie baking.  

Meatloaf for dinner.  It's a quiet and happy evening.  I am thankful for the way God provides, for the way He makes everything work in such a broken world. He's a mystery.