Monday, July 17, 2017

Cake, Kids, and Stitches

 The applesauce cake tasted like a cross between pumpkin pie and banana bread.  Everyone liked it.  No, it didn't come out of the Bundt pan perfectly.  

Our basement is a little scruffy.  A former owner of this home made it workable enough, but somehow it's still very basement-y.  Anyway, James and Noah have a lot of fun messing around down there.  It's a good way to keep Noah safe. He is on the move!  Notice Tim is joining the fun.

 Red hollyhocks are pretty miraculous, right?
 I posted this on Instagram so I'm sorry if you've already seen it.  I knit patches for my jeans.  I really like the cut of this brand of jeans, but I don't like the "cool" holes in the knees.  I don't think the designers had grannies in mind.
 I was looking at old photos and I found this one of a tree I knit many Julys ago.  I guess I like stitching in July.  

 The zucchinis and yellow squash are appearing.  I think they are going to outdo themselves.  I guess we had better start getting hungry for grilled squash. 

I'm going to Washington later this week.  I'm looking forward to seeing all my sibs and my lovely mother!  I'll see my auntie as well!  Yay!
I shall also see the water.  Another YAY!
God be with you. Thank you for stopping by.  You are kind.