Monday, August 3, 2015


 The campers met some chickens at the "market" located on the campground.  Jenny and Scott decided ON THE SPOT that they would like to have chickens, too. They bought a coup and found two six month old hens within hours!  Wow!  Now our Brad and April AND our Jenny and Scott are chicken owners! Plum Cake had to go out in the rain to speak to the girls.
 George the cat (I love him - so pretty!) is not sure what to think of this addition to HIS property.
 Meanwhile, I was at Kelli's with the three princesses.  We got all ready for bed and then blew some twilight bubbles.  FUN!
The birds are tweeting up a storm here.  It is a quiet day for me.  I'm already feeling the lure of a nap at this early hour.
Maybe a cup of tea would do the trick.
Thank you for popping by to gaze at our grand hens.  
Happy Monday to YOU!