Wednesday, March 4, 2015

The Road Home

 I was looking at my photos of paths and roads and then I looked at My Daily Meditation for the Circling Year (John Henry Jowett) and what do you know?  Yes, for March 4th the writing is about John 14:15-31.
Here it is:
And so even the road is to have the home-feeling in it. "I will not leave you orphans." Yes; there is to be something of home even in the way to it.  I find something of Devonshire even in Dorsetshire; Shropshire gives me a taste of Wales.  My Lord will not leave me comfortless.  Heaven runs over, and I find its bounty before I arrive at its gate.  The "Valley of Baca" becomes "a well."
And there are to be wonderful visions to speed the pilgrim's feet.  "I will manifest Myself unto him." At unexpected corners the glory will break!  We shall be assuming that we have picked up a common traveller, and suddenly we shall discover it is the Lord, for He will be made known to us "in the breaking of bread."  And at many "risings" of the road, where the climbing is stiff and burdensome, we shall be inspired with many a glorious view, and we shall see "the land that is very far off."

The one condition is, that I keep His word.  If I am obedient, He will appear unto me, and the humdrum road will shine with miracles of grace.
God is Jesus and the Holy Spirit and as I've been studying deeper into God's Word, I am experiencing enlightenment in new ways.  I've been a follower of Jesus for many decades and I remain astounded that there is no "ho hum ordinary" when it comes to the journey of the soul.  The WORD is the gift to us zillions of humans.  Using words to talk, to read, to write, to show the way makes life quite miraculous.  Don't you think so?