Friday, June 17, 2016

Sun and Fun

 How many days until summer officially begins?  Just a few!  It already feels like summer in our backyard.  Bill spent quite a bit of time in the early morning pumping up the pool and filling it with very cold water.  
 Sam wanted to have a party for her rainbow snake.  We did!  

 We may have gone a little overboard on sugar today.  

 James was with us, too.  I left my phone inside during some of the splashing so I didn't get a photo of the speedy little puddle jumper!  
 And here is some lovely lobelia.  Mmmmmm.
Tomorrow morning (before 6am) I must head over to Kelli's and pick up the three mermaids so they can attend their swim meet.  Mommy and Daddy will fly away to Mexico and our six day stint will begin.  Pray that I don't melt at the swim meet.  It's been REALLY hot here.
After the meet we'll come home and cool off and get ourselves all situated. They have theater camp all week so Granny must stay on top of the schedule.  I'm looking forward to good conversations with them, artsy work at the dining room table, and ice cream runs.
I hope June is treating you very well this year!  See you soon!