Thursday, January 22, 2015

Hygge and Mr. Badger

 My friend MK at Through a Glass Darkly told me about the Danish concept called hygge.  Click on the word for a link to an explanation, but it basically means creating a warm atmosphere and enjoying the good things in life with good people. Doesn't that sound WONDERFUL?  I find it extremely motivating.  I like to cruise around the house with a hygge vision, arranging and setting the stage for cozy times.  Tonight is our family book club and to me, this is VERY hygge.  We'll sit on the soft chairs, comfortably discuss Jayber Crow by Wendell Berry. We'll eat brownies and drink coffee.  You like?  Me, too!

 It is time for Mr. Badger to wing his way to Belfast.  I think I shall send him tomorrow.  I will show you his passport, some photos of him taken in Taiwan (in my friend Yiping's kitchen in Taipei).  I will explain his purpose, his ambassador motivations, his journey overall.  He'll fly around Europe first.  He'll go see Betty from Betty the Wood Fairy and Kezzie, and he will go a few other places as well (once Mags and I get that part organized).  When he returns to the USA, he'll visit MK, Lisa, and some more nice people (I must organize this as well!) 
 Briefly, I can tell you that he is an ambassador of all things loving about taking care of people in your home and in your sphere.  You may experience hygge in your local coffee shop, at your church as you visit after the worship service.  Maybe you fluff up your guest bed for overnight guests and you prepare a place for them that is clean and comfortable.  The reason we keep our homes friendly and welcoming is because we want people to know they are loved when they come through our door.  Do you agree?  You can follow Mr. Badger on his travels. I'll update here and the hostesses will post their Badger adventures on their blogs, too.  It's not too late to volunteer to welcome him.  He'll arrive in a big envelope with his passport and the book.  You'll embellish the book, highlighting and illustrating, stamp the passport, blog about his stay and then mail him to the next person.  Mags and I will always respond to your inquiries.  When we sent Ratty, Mole, and Mr. Toad around the world, we had to adjust the itinerary a few times, but they came back safe and sound with all kinds of stories to tell!
Someone asked me if I thought it was okay that he travels alone.  Yes, he's coming to encourage you, to inspire you, and to know you.  This is silly fun for grown women.  You KNOW how we are, right?
I wish you plenty of hygge.  What a lovely word!