Saturday, December 10, 2016

December Photos

Some people in our neighborhood go all out with lawn decor!  I wonder where they store it all.  
 These girlie girls went downtown for the Parade of Lights.  Kelli said it wasn't worth freezing for. 
 Noah can wear the hat I made him!
 I made cinnamon rolls again.  Wow.  I used lots of butter and they were WAY too tasty.  White bread makes me feel horrid, but my taste buds love it. 
 Birdie practicing with her recorder.  The other day Kelli had a last minute dental appointment so I took Millie to music class.  The teacher insists on parent involvement so Granny had to join the class and parents in circle time/floor time/criss cross applesauce/ ugh.
 Christie had jury duty so I filled up on Noah smiles and James antics.  Such cutie pies.
 Yes, I know I need a manicure.   

Our son in law Scott had a kidney stone and they were JUST recovering from a bad stomach bug.  I stayed at their house last night because he was in the hospital.  He's home now and better.  Yay!  
I didn't plan on sleeping over so I didn't have my jammies or my toothbrush.  I kept waking up and George the cat jumped up near my head.  I'm a little sleepy.  Plum Cake said, "Granny, we're bored with you."  Ha!  Yes, it was time for Granny to go home.
Last week was a very busy week and I would like this week to be quieter.  We'll see.

I hope your Christmas prep is going well and that you're feeling joyful.