Sunday, April 13, 2014

Palm Sunday Pause

 Palm Sunday.  One more week.  It's snowing like crazy here.  Weird.  I'm praying for a SNOW DAY.  It's highly unlikely, but would be VERY fun!
I've told you before that my mother kept Easter very special.  She sewed pretty Easter dresses or took the time to shop carefully for them.  Yellow dresses, white patent leather shoes, little white gloves and anklets.  
I'm embarrassed to say that I wondered what an Easter Egg Hunt would be like.  I loved hearing the kids at school talk about the big hunt at the park.  Golden eggs.  We never went.
I'm thankful now that my mama kept Easter so holy.  We went to Lenten services and one year the congregation members who had acting talent put on an ongoing play about Easter week.  I loved that.  The Luther League made a nice breakfast at church on Easter morning.  That was a fun change of pace.
Sometimes (not every year) my mom dug out various baskets from around the house and filled them with green Easter grass and jelly bean eggs, but not every year. 
Easter dinner (served at lunch time) was always delectable.  Company came.
All those good and true Easters are all stored up inside of me and I'm grateful.
I hope this holy week is very meaningful for you, my friend.