Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Blossoms and Paws

It's getting closer to lovely Easter!  The blossoms are lovely and I heard on the news today that people are hanging around Washington, DC because the blossoms are so gorgeous!  Woo hoo!  

Mr. Cuddle Bug is not too impressed with the cool temps that have been interspersed with the warm weather.  Lap cat.  I'm working on a cotton linen tank in purple.  You've seen it before. A little attention to THIS project and then THAT project . . . 

 You know you are a cat lover when you are obsessed with the cuteness of PAWS.

This is a fun sock pattern!

We've been dog sitting Jenny's pom,  Thumbelina.  She's old and jumpy, but she goes right into her carrier at night so we can sleep without worries that she is using the wood floors for her bathroom.  Tim is NOT a fan.

Grampy found "green means go" popsicles!  

James LOVES to clean.  I pulled this old mop out of the trash can so he could do his work. 
 Jenny's family is at Disneyland!  They are having a ball!  It's very crowded but the weather is nice and the girls are smiling!  

 Plum Cake's favorite!  She was thrilled! 
 Yesterday afternoon Clara and I drew Easter dresses.  I might draw more.  Yes, I know.  I have the skills of a fashion designer.  Thank you. 

 Have you drawn any Easter dresses?

My Bible study ladies are making prayer beads.  I'm going to use mine (I'm going to make a stretchy bracelet since I already have the beads below) with breath prayers.  Here's a link to the practice of breath prayers.  Personally, I wouldn't use "higher power" because I say "Father God" and "Jesus" and "Holy Spirit" but you get the idea. 

I'm off to do my little part time job (for Bill's ministry) but I hope you are having a cheery week.  I bet the birds are chirping for you.
Love love love!